Elvira Andrés occupies the vacancy left by Ana Muñoz in the FEF

first_imgAna Muñoz has voluntarily left the Spanish Football Federation. He did it in December. In May 2018, she was appointed vice president for integrity issues, a new area that was established in the agency. I endorsed, among other things, her experience as general director of the CSD. A few weeks ago Ana Muñoz decided to leave her duties in the Spanish Federation after just a year and a half in it. Elvira Andrés, until now responsible for Compliance, will leave this area to become Vice President of the Board of Directors of the RFEF in the place vacated by Ana Muñoz In November 2018, Ana Muñoz was the only member of the Federation’s board of directors who voted to remove Andreu Subies of his position in the Federation when the former president of the Catalan Federation and economic vice president of the RFEF had an open cause for alleged diversion of funds for his own benefit. Muñoz voted against Subies at the extraordinary meeting of November 2018 once the allegations in his defense were heard in said Subies meeting, which remained as vice president after the vote. He only registered one vote against. Shortly after he came to resign, but Rubiales accepted it, although he finally did last March.In addition to all of the above, the Federation has launched a new project. The composition of the Equality Observatory, that the RFEF has created to continue advancing in this area and in which Spanish athletes of the highest level will be integrated, among them Laura del Río, Thais Enriquez and Lydia Valentín.last_img read more