Mental health task force schedules meeting in Detroit

first_img06Sep Mental health task force schedules meeting in Detroit A bipartisan state House of Representatives task force will have a public meeting at 1-3 p.m. in the Team Wellness Center, located at 6309 Mack Avenue in Detroit, on Monday, Sept. 11.Comprised of seven Democratic and seven Republican members, and co-chaired by state Reps. Klint Kesto of Commerce Township and Hank Vaupel of Fowlerville, the House C.A.R.E.S. Task Force is assigned to explore ways to help Michigan residents with mental health challenges. The information gathered during a series of meetings and tours across the state will develop legislative reforms to improve service consistency, establish better support for veterans, upgrade substance abuse treatment programs, expand law enforcement training, and increase use of specialized courts for mental health and substance addiction.“This bipartisan task force has a mission to help the lives of all Michigan residents. I’m pleased we’ll be coming to hear about Detroit area successes with mental health issues,” said Vaupel, chair of the House Health Policy Committee. “The information we’ve gathered so far from local, county and non–profit programs has painted an exceptional picture for us about where Michigan needs to improve in helping our veterans or treating addiction. Nothing could be complete without talking with key individuals in our state’s largest city.”The C.A.R.E.S. Task Force, named for the Community, Access, Resources, Education and Safety elements to be addressed to help support Michigan’s citizens living with mental health challenges, has had three prior public meetings in Livingston, Kent and Oakland counties with another meeting scheduled for Sept. 7 in Lansing. Members have also toured state facilities in Washtenaw, Oakland and Ionia counties.“These meetings are not about politics, they’re about helping people,” said Kesto, who serves as the chair of the House Law and Justice Committee. “That’s why we’re coming to the Team Wellness Center to hear from law enforcement officials, doctors, organization leaders and the people who have overcome the challenges and share how they did it.”The public is invited to attend the Sept. 11 meeting and is also encouraged to submit suggestions on state mental health services online at Categories: Kesto News,Newslast_img read more

Lucido votes to protect underage sex crime victims in schools

first_img Categories: Lucido News,News House approves legislation to safeguard students on school propertyState Rep. Peter Lucido today co-sponsored and voted for legislation to help protect students who are underage victims of sex crimes on school districts property.The three-bill package requires schools to permanently expel students who are convicted of criminal sexual conduct against another pupil enrolled in the same school district; prohibit an expelled student from attending another public school in Michigan unless they go through a reinstatement process; and, if a personal protection order is ordered for the victim of sexual assaults, the offender would be prohibited from entering the victim’s school.“It is simply ridiculous that underage victims and their assailants can be in the same classroom in the state of Michigan,” said Lucido of Shelby Township. “All victims of criminal sexual conduct deserve protection – whether they’re adults or kids in schools – but we have crime victims begging for protection and having to change schools. We need to change that.”Currently, a school is only required to expel a student who commits a sex crime on school grounds.“A school campus should be a safe education environment for all students and nothing more,” Lucido said. “Anyone who commits criminal sexual conduct is a threat to the entire school community and needs to be dealt with seriously.”House Bills 5530, 5531 and 5532 advance to the Senate for its consideration.##### 08Mar Lucido votes to protect underage sex crime victims in schoolslast_img read more

Rep Noble testifies on plan for Michigan to enter drivers license compact

first_img Categories: Noble News Legislation protects Michigan and out-of-state driversState Rep. Jeff Noble this week testified before the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee in support of his legislation to enter into an agreement with 45 other states to share driver’s license information.Noble said the agreement, known as the Driver’s License Interstate Compact, will allow states to work together to ensure bonds and citations are paid for if a driver is pulled over in another state.“This plan protects Michigan residents when driving in other states and gives travelers reassurance they will not be required to pay cash to law enforcement on the spot when receiving a citation,” said Noble, of Northville. “Currently, when an out-of-state driver gets pulled over by police they have to either buy a cash bond, have their driver’s license taken away or possibly go to jail. This plan ensures violations will be paid while also allowing drivers to be on their way after receiving a citation.”House Bill 6011 remains under consideration by the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee.### 31May Rep. Noble testifies on plan for Michigan to enter driver’s license compactlast_img read more

Albert Michigan must do more to prevent youth ecigarette usage

first_img Categories: Albert News Initiative bans sales of e-cigs to minors, helps enforce regulationState Rep. Thomas Albert today testified before the House Regulatory Reform Committee in support of his plan banning the sale of e-cigarettes to minors as well as the possession by individuals under 18.“This critical first step is to keep hazardous chemicals out of the hands of our children,” said Albert, of Lowell. “Eliminating nicotine exposure now will prevent a health crisis down the road. This legislation will also enhance law enforcement and help schools keep e-cigarettes off campuses. This plan takes the necessary action to protect our communities from addiction.”Electronic cigarettes are battery-operated devices that deliver nicotine and flavoring without burning tobacco. Many devices are colorful and made to look harmless – including a version that looks just like a computer USB flash drive, making them appealing to teens and difficult to detect in schools.Albert invited Ionia Intermediate School District Superintendent Ethan Ebenstein and Associate Superintendent Ted Payton to join him to testify about the struggles schools face keeping e-cigarettes off campuses.“Ionia schools are seeing explosive growth of these products, and are finding themselves in a constant struggle to keep students from using them,” Albert said. “Without enough education on these harmful chemicals, I fear of the health problems of teenagers that will come to light in the future.”The U.S. Surgeon General recently declared youth e-cigarette usage an “epidemic”. In a 2018 Centers for Disease Control survey, roughly one in five high school students reported using such products – up 78 percent from 2017.The U.S. Food and Drug Administration bans the sale of e-cigarettes to those under 18, but Michigan state law does not. With the adoption House Bill 4164, law enforcement and schools will have a pathway to keeping addictive, unregulated chemicals off campuses.The plan also protects Michigan if federal regulations change, Albert said.Photo Information: State Rep. Thomas Albert testifies before the House Regulatory Reform Committee on Tuesday in support of his legislation banning minors from purchasing and possessing harmful e-cigarette products to solve a growing statewide epidemic.Photo Information: Ionia Intermediate School District Superintendent Ethan Ebenstein (right) and Associate Superintendent Ted Payton testify before the House Regulatory Reform Committee in support of state Rep. Thomas Albert’s House Bill 4164. 26Feb Albert: Michigan must do more to prevent youth e-cigarette usagelast_img read more

The BBC needs to change faster in order to reach

first_imgThe BBC needs to “change faster” in order to reach more young people and compete against powerful online video and audio providers like Netflix and Spotify, according to James Purnell.James PurnellSpeaking at the EBU’s ‘Truth and Power’ conference this week, the BBC’s director of radio and education said that the BBC’s goal is not to “manage decline,” outlining how the corporation can best adjust its online video and radio strategies.On the video front, Purnell said the BBC is working hard to “reverse” a regulatory decision in 2007 to block Kangaroo, a project that would have seen the UK public service broadcasters band together to launch a joint online video service.Pointing to BARB figures, he said that SVOD viewing was up by a third last year and is almost on a par with viewing time for BBC 1, adding: “We are well beyond the tipping point”.“We saw this future coming. In 2007, the public service broadcasters came up with a plan to combine our video-on-demand players,” said Purnell.“It was christened Kangaroo, presumably because it would leap into the future. But the Competition Commission turned the project down, and Netflix was able to aggregate content from all the British broadcasters. The rest is history.”“The BBC is working hard to reverse that position, modernising the iPlayer, personalising it, improving recommendations, introducing more box sets.”Alongside this, the BBC has started to implement a policy of partnering with other British institutions and opening up its technology for others to use.The iPlayer now hosts content from Welsh-language broadcaster S4C and the Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC), and BBC Ideas is starting to show its first content from on outside source, the Open University.The BBC has also shared its live-streaming technology with the Manchester International Festival and sports bodies like British Swimming.“We are collaborating with other British companies to compete with the global platforms,” said Purnell. “We want to be part of a competitive ecology, with many British providers.“We help guarantee choice, making sure the British audio, news and video markets don’t become a ‘uninet’, dominated by a single provider.”On the radio front, Purnell said that the BBC’s regulatory obligations to meet quotas for hours of genres broadcast on its radio networks should be scrapped in favour of impact-based regulation. By simply focusing on which audiences it reaches, the BBC will have more room to experiment, he argued.“Although Spotify and Apple are growing, so is radio. That shouldn’t make us complacent. We know from our recent past that responses that seem radical at the time can fall a long way short of what is needed in the end.“This is an opportunity to do our job better, to fulfil our public purposes better, to serve audiences better and to find new creative opportunities.”last_img read more


first_imgShareTweet And it was a resounding success in Waterside for the former president of Derry Chamber of Trade when Mrs McLaughlin polled 1,483 first preference votes – comfortably suprassing the 1,245 quota.Also elected is the formr DUP Mayor of Derry City and Strabane District Council Alderman Hilary McClintock.She polled 1,250 first preference votes – passing the quota by five votes.Topping the poll in Waterside is Darren Ross Guy for the Ulster Unionist Party who received 1,589 first preference votes. Joy for Sinead McLaughlin as she is elected in Waterside on the first countTHE SDLP’s strong running continues today with another candidate getting elected on the first count.After Mary Durkan topped the poll on Friday in the Foyleside DEA in her first foray into politics, Sinead McLaughlin was also going before the electorate for the first time. There are now four seats up for grabs in Waterside with the SDLP’s Martin Reilly currently in fourth place with 939 first preference votes.Also polling strongly are the DUP’s David Ramsey (839 votes) and Sinn Fein’s Christopher Jackson (825 votes).But it will all be down to the transfers during next stages of the count process to see who can get to the quota first.Ulster Unionist candidate David Ross Guy tops the poll in WatersideGuy tops the poll in Waterside as McLaughlin and McLaughlin also elected was last modified: May 4th, 2019 by John2John2 Tags: Derry and Strabane Councilformer DUP MayorGuy tops the poll in Waterside as McLaughlin and McLaughlin also electedHILARY MCCLINTOCKSINEAD MCLAUGHLINlast_img read more