Govt’s obsession with PPP/C caused them to turn a blind eye on crime

first_imgDear Editor,When the PNC/AFC coalition, or what you would like to call them, were in opposition, one of their manifesto promises was that they would curb crime. They promised the electorate that they would bring crime to a screeching halt because they had the willpower and the mechanisms to do it. It was a believable call because it also caught the eyes of the international community in our midst, they too were somehow convinced that the PNC-led coalition would do it. Here we had a group of individuals who – so it seems – would put a dent on crime once and for all. However, that veiled mask of putting an end to crime all came off when they got into office.There was a dramatic change in plans as soon as they took on the reins of power because, for starters, crime, criminals and crime-fighting got a new name and a new lease on life. Criminals got a sudden makeover, as they were given a pat on the back and released en masse by the PNC. The jubilee celebrations saw untold numbers being sent back into society to continue where they left off.The subtle message here was that you are no longer called criminals but you are “baptised” and given a new name. That message has been carried ever since by criminals throughout the length and breadth of Guyana as they have embarked on that nefarious mission that is unprecedented in our history. Crime got a spike and an upsurge which in many instances has seen deadly consequences.In addition to that deceptive appearance of bringing an end to crime, the PNC got into their age-old obsession of getting even with the PPP/C. They embarked on that mission with a vengeance rounding up every PPP/C person they could muster, with the sole aim of humiliating and incarcerating, and believe you me, if they had the “all’s clear” they would have done it, even going the full length of imprisoning their opponents without a trial. They would have incarcerated every last member of The PPP/C or anyone associated with that party had “the law” allowed it.So, millions were spent on the so-called crime-fighting as it pertains to getting the PPP and its associates all “locked up,” while turning a blind eye to the real cause and root evils of crime in society.So, the natural consequences of that obsession campaign saw the very Government of The PNC becoming criminals themselves with the many corrupt transactions they are embroiled in. And this has been the situation in Guyana to this very day, where criminals roam free while the ordinary citizenry languishes in misery.Sincerely,Neil Adamslast_img read more