Ex-convict gets bail for allegedly abusing, threatening cousin

first_imgA former West Bank Demerara (WBD) convict is once again before the court, but this time on allegations that he verbally abused and threatened his cousin.Thirty-four-year-old Junior Forester, called “Banga” of Lot 156, Patentia East, WBD, appeared before Magistrate Rochelle Liverpool at the Wales Magistrate’s Court on Thursday when he was arraigned for using abusive language against James Forester, at Lot 2 Stanleytown on December 18, 2017.The Police further stated that on that same date, he also used threateningIn August 2016, Junior Forester called “Banga” was sentenced to serve 18 months in jail for possession of stolen itemslanguage towards his cousin at the same premises. The defendant initially entered a plea of guilty with explanation, but based on his account of what transpired; the court entered a not-guilty plea on his behalf. Forrester, who says he now works at a wash bay in Stanleytown, admitted that he had spent 18 months in prison for a robbery charge. As the prosecution had no objections to him being granted his pre-trial liberty, “Banga” was released by Magistrate Liverpool on $10,000 bail. He will return to court on March 15 for report and fixtures.During August 2016, “Banga” was found guilty of possession of stolen items. The particulars of the previous charge had stated that on August 12, 2016, between 06:30h and 08:15h, he had broken and entered the dwelling house of David Ambedkar at Lot 47 Area L, Patentia Housing Scheme, WBD, and stolen a quantity of jewellery, $80,000 in cash, two wristwatches and an iPhone, amounting to $500,000.During his trial for that matter last year, Forrester denied that he had entered Ambedkar’s house. However, he did admit that he bought the watches from a man called “Todd” for $10,000, and thereby entered a guilty plea to a possession of stolen property charge. It was on these grounds and other surrounding factors such as a previous conviction that he went to jail for 18 months.The prosecution’s case for the robbery matter had stated that Forrester was seen leaving Ambedkar’s home on the morning of the robbery. Acting on this lead, the Police had carried out a search of his home where the two watches were discovered.last_img read more

Digicel, GTT wrap up Mash fitness camps

first_imgThe two major telecommunication companies in Guyana have each wrapped up their fitness camp which was aimed at promoting healthier lifestyles among Guyanese while getting them fit in time for today’s Mashramani celebrations.Digicel’s annual Mash Fit Campaign ended on Thursday at the Guyana Cricket Club Ground, and present at the event was the second place contestant in this year’s Soca Monarch competition, Melissa ‘Vanilla’ Roberts, who worked with the trainers to hype the participants.There were approximately 300 persons present at the fitness programme. The event commenced with a warm-up routine that was followed by some intenseSome of the participants practising their dance routinesdancing, and lastly by the team challenge.Digicel Marketing Manager Ramesh Rupchand explained that the aim of the programme was to encourage persons to engage in fitness exercises while preparing them for the much-anticipated Mashramani Day.“It’s basically to promote health and fitness through the Mash period,” he explained.For the last event, the team challenge, participants were placed into various groups. Prizes were awarded to members of the winning team, along with other persons.Meanwhile, the Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company (GTT) continued its Fitness Camp at the Everest Ground. The event, which has been ongoing for a number of weeks, aims at preparing persons for our Republic Day celebrations onSome of the participants engaging in a dance routineFebruary 23.This event also officially ended on Thursday, and there were a number of trainers present at the camp to engage the participants in energizing workouts. Some also featured dance routines to popular soca and dancehall tracks of today’s generation.Present at the event was the coordinator, who explained that this initiative was a good way of introducing different ways in which Guyanese can keep fit while being given a chance to experience an electrifying atmosphere. So far, there has been a substantial amount of persons attending the Fitness Camp, and the support has been tremendous.“I would say the response is great. People want something like this, and it’s great to have different people mingling together in one and getting experience on the different types of fitness,” he stated.When asked if the company would continue this venture in the future, the coordinator noted, “Once the response is like this, we’re going to continue. There is a need for it.”Customers also got a chance to win costumes for the company’s Mash band, titled “Amazon Gems”. Further, the previous winners can also uplift their bedazzling costumes at the Everest Ground.The coordinators are urging the Guyanese public to support this band, explaining, “We’ll be having the biggest and best Mash band on the road. There is no dispute about that.”GTT is collaborating with Pulse Entertainment this year, and will be featuring approximately 300 revellers in its Mash band. The participants are asked to collect their costumes early, and to be assembled on February 23 at 09:00h at their respective places.last_img read more