Man with ‘selective amnesia’ found guilty of drink driving

first_imgA CULDAFF man has been found guilty of a drink driving charge after gardaí found him sleeping behind the wheel of a van that was parked in the middle of the road.Aaron McColgan, 27, who has an address of 92 Cara Bay, Culdaff and Lematudder, Culkeeny, Malin, was charged with being drunk in charge of a van at The Mullins, Carn, on 26 May, 2014. He was also charged with having no insurance, driving without a licence and obstruction.McColgan appeared before a special sitting of Buncrana District Court yesterday, where he pleaded not guilty to the drink driving charge, but accepted the obstruction and no insurance charges. The case has previously been adjourned before the court on twenty separate occasions.Garda Robin Hennigan told the court that at 3.20am on Monday, May 2014, he received a report of a white van in the middle of the road on the main Carndonagh to Quigley’s Point road.He said he went to the scene and found a Peugeot Expert van with the lights on and engine running parked in the middle of the road.Gda. Hennigan said there was a male asleep in the driver’s seat.“I knocked on the window, telling him to open the door but there was no response after doing it three times the male woke up,” Gda. Hennigan outlined.“The man gave as name as Aaron McColgan and upon speaking with him I noticed that his speech was slurred, eyes were glazed and there was a strong smell of alcohol coming from his breath. There was also an open beer can in the cup holder in the driver’s door.”The court heard that McColgan was arrested and brought to Buncrana Garda Station, where a subsequent alcohol test revealed a concentration of 52mg of alcohol per 100ml of breath – more than twice the legal limit.Gda. Hennigan told the court that he seized McColgan’s van as there was no insurance or tax displayed on the van. He said McColgan informed him that he had no insurance and was disqualified from driving.Garda Inspector Denis Joyce asked Garda Hennigan if there was any space nearby for Mr. McColgan to pull in instead of stopping in the middle of the road. He said there was a lay by just off the road.Defence solicitor Ciaran MacLochlainn asked the garda if he had a conversation with McColgan about where he was going or what he was doing.However the garda said he did not recall as it was five and a half years ago.Member in charge of Buncrana Garda Station Garda Michael McGrath said he read McColgan his rights, when he brought to the Station, following his arrest.He said at 4.41am a phone call was made to McColgan’s girlfriend to arrange transport for him when he was being released.However giving evidence in court, Aaron McColgan said he had no recollection of this. He said he had very little recollection of the night in general.“I don’t remember where I was that night, I don’t know how I got there, it’s not a road I would be on as it’s not on the way home,” he told the court.“I don’t remember driving I had no intention of driving – I knew I was drunk and that I wasn’t fit to drive.”Insp. Joyce said McColgan signed the custody record to prove that Gda. McGrath went through his rights with him.He argued that McColgan’s memory was ‘selective’.“It seems Mr. McColgan is suffering from selective amnesia,” said Insp. Joyce.“He says he can’t remember anything, or even remember ringing his girlfriend but yet there is it in the custody record with his signature – her phone number is even there,” he added.Mr. MacLochlainn argued that the State did not prove that McColgan had ‘attempted or intended’ to drive the vehicle. He said this is an essential element in a prosecution case.“This is an unusual case where the van was found in the middle of the road but no one asked Mr. McColgan how he got there or where he was going,” said Mr. MacLochlainn.“He was out for the count and says he doesn’t know what he was doing. He was clearly drunk but there is no proof that he intended to drive. We don’t even know if he drove to this point. I would say there must be a doubt in the case.”However Judge Paul Kelly said he had ‘no doubt whatsoever’.“When the Gardaí arrived he was stopped in the middle of the road blocking traffic,” said Judge Kelly.“There were ample areas he could have pulled in nearby if he wanted to sleep. The lights were on and the engine was running so logic says that the person intends to drive. The defendant was unable to assist the court in any way,” he added.Judge Kelly said he found that McColgan has a case to meet and found him guilty of the charge.Insp. Joyce said McColgan has a previous conviction for having no insurance in Northern Ireland, as well being drunk in charge of a vehicle. He said he was disqualified in Carn District Court for two years from October 21, 2013.Solicitor Mr. MacLochlainn asked Judge Kelly to adjourn sentencing as he was currently preparing another legal challenge to contest the case.Judge Kelly agreed to adjourn sentencing until November 19 in Carn District Court.Man with ‘selective amnesia’ found guilty of drink driving was last modified: September 30th, 2019 by StephenShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Wednesday’s QPR quiz

first_imgTest your knowledge by seeing how many of these five QPR-related questions you can answer correctly.[wp-simple-survey-102] 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 Follow West London Sport on TwitterFind us on Facebooklast_img read more

Budget 2013: lion’s share for education

first_img27 February 2013South Africa will spend more than R23-billion on beefing up school infrastructure and increasing the number of no-fee schools this year, with education once more receiving the biggest slice – R232.5-billion – of the country’s R1.06-trillion 2013 National Budget.Delivering his Budget speech in Parliament in Cape Town on Wednesday, Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan said that over the medium term, the Basic Education Department would be expected to use some of its budget to improve numeracy and literacy, expand enrolment in Grade R and reduce the school infrastructure backlog.R1-billion will go to the country’s nine provinces to increase the number of teachers, while about R700-million will be channelled towards the technical secondary schools recapitalisation grant.“This will finance construction and refurbishment of 259 workshops and training of over 1 500 technology teachers,” Gordhan said.The education infrastructure grant is critical to government’s plans of eradicating unsafe and poor quality school structures, as it supplements the infrastructure programme in provinces to accelerate the construction, maintenance and upgrading of new and existing schools.Up to R8-billion has been allocated to the school infrastructure backlog grant, which was established in 2011. The grant aims to ensure that schools have basic services such as water, sanitation and electricity.R24.6-billion for universities, collegesThe allocation to higher education institutions will increase from just over R20-billion in the previous financial year to R24.6-billion over the next three years, Gordhan said.He confirmed that construction of two new universities, in Mpumalanga and the Northern Cape, would finally commence this year, with the authorities expecting an increase in student enrolment at South Africa’s higher education institutions from 910 000 to 990 000 by 2015.In recent years, government has also increased funding to help students from poor backgrounds obtain tertiary education and vocational training.The Student Financial Aid Scheme will provide loans and bursaries to 288 188 students from poor backgrounds in 2013/14, up from just over 118 000 in 2008/9.To increase access to basic education, the Budget notes the expansion of no-fee schools in South Africa to 20 688 by the end of 2012.Source: read more

Military Psychologists in a Combat Zone – Competency and Care

first_imgThis post was written by Jay Morse & Heidi Radunovich, PhD, members of the MFLN Family Development (FD) team which aims to support the development of professionals working with military families. Find out more about the Military Families Learning Network FD concentration on our website, on Facebook, on Twitter, YouTube, and on LinkedIn. By Jay Morse & Heidi Radunovich, PhDThe American Psychological Association’s code of ethics holds psychologists responsible for ensuring their competency to practice. In their call to “take care and do no harm” and to be aware of their own health and the influence that may have on their practice [1], military psychologists are often faced with assessing their own psychological and emotional health under the pressure of combat. In a review of literature relevant to professional competency and secondary trauma, Johnson, Bertschinger, Snell, and Wilson [2] have addressed the need for professional competence in a combat zone and provided recommendations for self-care and possible solutions for self-assessment for military clinical psychologists.In combat situations, military psychologists can be susceptible to compassion fatigue, burnout, and secondary traumatic stress. Compassion fatigue is evident when a practitioner begins to treat a client on a purely cognitive level and to lose the ability to emotionally process a client’s story. Burnout evolves over time and can result in feelings of hostility toward clients. Risk factors associated with compassion fatigue may include:Experiences of helplessness or lack of power to assist clientsLack of supportA personal history of traumaWorking with trauma survivors for an extended period of timeObserving and interacting with military members who have witnessed death, serious injury, or have experienced threats to their own well-being can place military psychologists at risk for secondary traumatic stress (STS). Risk factors that may be associated with STS include:InexperienceA caseload filled with traumatized clientsPersonal experience of combat-related or childhood traumaIn addition to the risk of compassion fatigue and STS, military clinical psychologists (MCPs) have dual identities – that of a practicing medical professional and as a commissioned military officer. These competing demands can cause a wide variety of moral dilemmas when making treatment decisions. The difficulty of making complex moral decisions places additional stress on combat clinicians. The stress of combat, addressing the ethical dilemmas of being a military officer and a psychologist, and the risk of combat fatigue or STS can place a burden on a military psychologist. To minimize the risks associated with the challenges of this position, the authors have made the following recommendations:Actively pursue self-care – Pay close attention to the basics: physical activity, sleep, and nutrition. Maintain a balance between your personal and professional life as much as possible, and deliberately self-assess using reminders such as a checklist.Engage with colleagues – Regular conversations with peers can provide support and most importantly provide a critical assessment of your mental and health. Be open to expressing your own grief and suffering.References[1] American Psychological Association. (2010). Ethical principles of psychologists and code of conduct. Retrieved from[2] Johnson, W., Bertschinger, M., Snell, A., & Wilson, A. (2014). Secondary trauma and ethical obligations for military psychologists: Preserving compassion and competence in the crucible of combat. Psychological Services, 11(1), 68-74. doi:10.1037/a0033913last_img read more

Big Gratitude

first_img Essential Reading! Get my 3rd book: Eat Their Lunch “The first ever playbook for B2B salespeople on how to win clients and customers who are already being serviced by your competition.” Buy Now It is impossible to be grateful and unhappy at the same time. Choosing one of these emotions makes it impossible to feel the other. “Grateful” and “unhappy” literally can’t occupy the same space at the same time.You have to choose between being grateful or being depressed, too. These emotions are so far apart that from one pole the opposite pole is not accessible to you. Being “grateful” and “depressed” are mutually exclusive emotional states.If you are occupying the feeling of thankfulness, you can’t also occupy the feeling of anger. When you are angry, you are occupying the emotion of fear and the state of need. Thankfulness is not a place of wanting. Thankfulness is a place of abundance.Gratitude is too big to share space with any other state. It literally crowds out all negative emotions. It pushes fear, anger, and sadness out if its way, and it consumes all of your emotional real estate.What are you grateful for right now? What should you be even more grateful for now?last_img read more

a month agoDeparting DC United star Rooney insists MLS players underpaid

first_imgTagsTransfersAbout the authorPaul VegasShare the loveHave your say Departing DC United star Rooney insists MLS players underpaidby Paul Vegasa month agoSend to a friendShare the loveWayne Rooney says MLS players are underpaid.Currently with DC United, Rooney will leave the competition to return to England with Derby County in January.The league’s current bargaining agreement runs until January 31, 2020, and Rooney thinks players should demand more money.”I feel that American players get underpaid,” he told ESPN. “I feel they deserve to get more money to stay in line with football in the rest of the world but also in terms of the American sports.”I’m not saying it to benefit me, I obviously won’t be in the league next season. I think it’s only fair to those players who are putting in the same work as all have to earn the right to earn more money for doing it.”He added: “I think the flight issues, in terms of you get so many chartered flights, I believe if a team wants chartered flights than they should be able to charter as many they want. They should be able to do whatever they want with that.” last_img read more

Liberals to spend more on Indigenous children

first_imgTodd LamirandeAPTN NewsPart of the federal Liberal government’s pre-election budget will spend more on Indigenous children.The party plans to put more money into everything from social services to education to healthcare.Especially, it says, the program known as Jordan’s Principle, which is supposed to even the treatment field for children with disabilities.last_img

Ohio State basketball to make second international appearance in Bahamas

Thad Matta stands on the sidelines during a game against Minnesota. OSU won, 64-46.Credit: Ritika Shah / Asst. photo editorCoach Thad Matta and the Ohio State men’s basketball team are gearing up for a trip to the Bahamas, where they will take part in two exhibition matches.Last season, the Buckeyes’ run ended in the second round of the NCAA tournament with a 60-59 loss to the Dayton Flyers.Following the 2013 season, the Buckeyes lost guards Aaron Craft and Lenzelle Smith Jr. to graduation, forward LaQuinton Ross to the NBA draft and guard Amedeo Della Valle to the European professional league.Craft and Ross, neither of whom were selected in the NBA draft, saw action in the NBA Summer League, as Craft suited up for the Philadelphia 76ers and Golden State Warriors while Ross took the court for the Los Angeles Lakers.During the offseason, the Buckeyes were able to add two transfers, forward Anthony Lee and center Trevor Thompson, to the roster.Lee, the 6-foot-9, 230-pound Temple graduate started 27 games last season with 13.6 points and 8.6 rebounds per game and a .495 field goal percentage.Lee said Matta was the reason why he transferred to Ohio State and added, “I know I have the opportunity to win a possible championship, and so I wanted to be a part of that.”Thompson, a Virginia Tech transfer, will not make the trip with the team and is awaiting word on whether or not he will be eligible for the rest of the season. Last year the 6-foot-11, 210-pound freshman forward averaged 5.0 points and 4.7 rebounds per game before transferring to Ohio State.During the Buckeyes’ final practice before making the trip to the Bahamas, senior forward Sam Thompson applauded the attitudes and work ethic of the new recruiting class.“They all came in ready work and willing to learn from some of the older guys, so anytime you have guys coming into your program with that kind of attitude it’s a great experience,” Thompson said.Sophomore forward Marc Loving and senior guard Shannon Scott also commented on the improvements and expectations the offense has going forward into this season.“I think our offense is going to take a really big step then what it was last year, but we’re not going to let that change our defense,” Scott said.“Everyone can spread the floor, everyone can create their own shot and create for others, it’s going to be hard for teams to guard us,” Loving added.The Buckeyes leave Columbus on Tuesday morning and will play the Bahamas All Stars on Aug. 7 at 9 p.m. and the Providence Storm on Aug. 8 at 7 p.m. read more

Welbeck I can play with Pierre and with Laca

first_imgArsenal forward Danny Welbeck is confident that he can play alongside both Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Alexandre LacazetteThe England international scored a brace in Arsenal’s 3-2 win over Southampton at the Emirates on Sunday with Aubameyang having also scored on the day.Welbeck, who has been struggling with two serious knee injuries over the past few seasons, was praised by Arsene Wenger for having made his way back into the first-team.While normally Welbeck would have to compete against Arsenal’s recent big money signings, the former Manchester United player is confident that he would team-up well with the pair.“As you’ve seen, I can play with Pierre and with Laca,” said Welbeck, according to Sky Sports.“It is nice. It gives you that added motivation. The competition is there so you are going to improve and better yourself.Jose Mourinho is sold on Lampard succeeding at Chelsea Tomás Pavel Ibarra Meda – September 14, 2019 Jose Mourinho wanted to give his two cents on Frank Lampard’s odds as the new Chelsea FC manager, he thinks he will succeed.There really…“I’ve had that throughout my whole career. Being at an academy where players come from all over the world and it is the same here, you are always going to have that competition. It is healthy.“I know I can link up with plenty of the players in this team.”Welbeck also expressed his confidence that he would be a suitable option to replace the injured Henrikh Mkhitaryan, who suffered knee ligament damage in last weeks’s 4-1 win over CSKA Moscow in the Europa League.“We don’t know how bad Henrikh’s injury is at the moment,” said the 27 year-old.“We all wish him a speedy recovery. Hopefully he is available as soon as possible, but it is the manager’s decision who he wants in the team.“Obviously, with the goals today I’ve staked my claim. Going into the game on Thursday, we want to get the win and get into the next round.”last_img read more

Antoine Griezmann we should have won

first_imgAthletico Madrid forward Antoine Griezmann feels they should have defeated Valencia but didn’t execute the perfect game plan.Angel Correa showed brilliant composure inside the box to fire into the bottom right corner in the 26th minute after he was put through by Griezmann.But on the 56th minute, Rodrigo with a great touch controlled a beautiful cross inside the box and thundered the ball into the roof of the net.Valencia came close to claiming all 3 points on the 67th minute when Gabriel rose high and headed past the goalkeeper only for the ball to hit the right post. The game ended 1-1.Sports 360 reports that Griezmann, however, believes they should have gone home victorious.David Villa, SpainQuiz: How much do you know about David Villa? Boro Tanchev – September 14, 2019 Time to test your knowledge about Spanish legendary forward David Villa.Speaking after the game, Griezmann said: “It was a match that we should have won, but we didn’t do things perfectly. We played a good first half, we were fine in the first 20 minutes in the second half but then we lost a bit of order.“We had a chance, we didn’t do well enough and they levelled the match, we have to watch the match and improve.”“We want to improve on last year, we’ll see how far we can go,” he said.“We want to win all of our matches.“At the end of the season, we’ll see where we are.”last_img read more