This Day in History: Trinidadian Pianist Winifred Atwell was born.

first_imgBy Celina DeCastroThis Day in History: On February 27, 1914, pianist Winifred Atwell was born in Tunapuna, Trinidad and Tobago. Born to a family of pharmacy owners, Atwell was expected to join in the family business and become a pharmacist, but life had another role for her.Atwell played the piano since her adolescence and achieved local popularity for her musical talents. She left Trinidad in the 1940’s to the United States to study with Russian-American pianist, Alexander Borovsky.In 1946, Atwell moved to London where she earned her rightful place at the Royal Academy of Music.Her Honky Tonk Style of piano playing gained large popularity in the United Kingdom. By 1950, her popularity grew nationally and internationally.In 1951, Atwell signed a record contract with Decca, thereafter millions of copies of her sheet music were sold and she recorded her best known hits of her career. Hits including Let’s have a Ding-Dong, Poor People of Paris, Britannia Rag and Black and White Rag.Poor People of Paris reached number one in the charts and Black and White Rag became the signature tune of the Pot Black snooker program on BBC television in the 1970s.Atwell also performed concerts on television and with Royal Variety Performances, her concerts would consist of her playing classical piano followed up with her popular Honky Tonk style music.In 1955, Atwell arrived in Australia and was greeted as an international celebrity. But her popularity dwindled as she attempted to combine her style of music with others such as Rock N Rolls hits without success.Atwell frequently visited Trinidad throughout her life, in one instance she bought a home in St. Augustine, Trinidad which was later turned into the Pan Pipers Music School by her former student Miss Louise McIntosh.In 1971, Atwell and her husband Lew Levisohn officially settled in Sydney, Australia. In 1983, a day after her 60th birthday, Atwell suffered a heart attack and died while staying at a friend’s home.last_img read more

Job concerns dampen women protests locally

first_imgA Day Without A Woman On Wednesday, International Women Day, some South Floroida women joined in the protest movement taking place around the United States called “A Day without Women” but several feared losing the day’s pay or even losing their jobs if they failed to how up for work.Around mid-morning, approximately 60 people, men and women, turned out to a rally at Miami’s US Citizenship and Immigration Services offices on NW Seventh Ave in Miami. The rally was organized by the Workers Center, Florida Immigrant Coalition, Fanm Ayisyen nan Miyami and the New Florida Majority.One of the organizers, Morgan Mangle, said the objective of the rally was to support women who are being targeted    by immigration officials based on new immigration policies being implemented by the Trump administration.Phyllis Tate, a Jamaican housekeeper with a Watson Island family said she took the day off to join the protest having several female relatives and friends “who are living in the region without documents, and in fear of being deported.” Tate said she attended the rally to also protest  low wages being paid to some women, especially women working at the region’s airports, in restaurants and in domestic jobs.Mangle said she realizes more women wanted to join Wednesday’s rally, but “had genuine concerns about their job.” She said several women had enquired about protesting “The Day Without Women” besides marching or attending protest rallies. “Many women protested by not shopping on Wednesday. Women comprise the largest percent of consumers, particularly at supermarkets, pharmacies and department stores. Our absence can have a significant impact on the local retail trade, which indicates women in retail should receive better pay and benefits.”An owner of restaurants in Miami and Miami, Sydmoth Saddler, said he supported the “few employees” who stayed away from his businesses on Wednesday, “Women is involved in almost every crevice of life. From mothers to distant relatives, from nurses to hospital maids; from corporate executives to clerical help. There are several issues which are not right for women. I fully support women protesting to have these rights implemented. I would, could never penalize any of my female employees for taking the day off to protest.”Enthusiastic protest rallies with larger turnouts, were also held Wednesday evening at Holiday Park in Fort Lauderdale and at Miami’s Bayfront Park.last_img read more

Bahamian Minister calls for more regional cooperation

first_imgBahamian Minister of Financial Services, Trade and Industry and Immigration, The Honorable Brent Symonette called for more regional cooperation on trade at the final leg of JAMPRO’s Caribbean Market Mission in The Bahamas, which ended on June 30, 2017. Thirteen Jamaican companies promoted their products for export to The Bahamas on one of JAMPRO’s largest trade missions, which covered 3 key markets in the Caribbean region.Minister Symonette said The Bahamas was the perfect market to partner with Jamaica on trade, as the islands are home to one of the largest group of Jamaicans, over 10,000 persons, in the Diaspora. The new Minister stated it was critical for Caribbean countries to partner on trade to strengthen regional economies. He remarked, “It is only through developing trade in the region that we can grow the region as Caribbean nationals….we have to work together for the benefit of nationals throughout the region.” He also praised JAMPRO for the sophistication of the Caribbean Market Mission initiative and said he looked forward to positive outcomes from the visit to The Bahamas.last_img read more

Six Patients at South Florida Rehab Center Die in Hurricane Irma…

first_imgCriminal investigation underway Police authorities have announced there is a criminal investigation underway to determine the cause of the deaths.“We’re conducting a criminal investigation into the deaths that occurred here,” said Hollywood Police Chief Tomas Sanchez, during a press conference Wednesday morning.At around 10:00 a.m. on Wednesday 115 residents, most over age 75, in the facility were evacuated to nearby hospitals.News of the deaths were first announced by Broward Mayor Barbara Sharief during a Wednesday morning press conference. She said three patients died at the Rehabilitation Center, and three others were pronounced dead at the Memorial Regional Hospital in Hollywood.Three of the five deceased persons were identified by the medical examiner’s office as Estella Hendricks, 71, Gail Nova, 71, and Carolyn Eatherly, 78.Hollywood Police spokeswoman Miranda Grossman said police were first alerted patients in distress at the Rehabilitation Center at 4:00 a.m. on Wednesday. When the police arrived they discovered the deaths and the majority of patients “in respiratory distress.” First responders described the situation at the center as a “critical heat event.” A patient being evacuated from Rehabilitation Center at Hollywood Hills, Hollywood Florida where six patients died from heat related causes on Wednesday, September 13. Photo – by Garth A. RoseSix patients from a nursing home in Hollywood, Florida died on Wednesday. Although not officially confirmed it is believed the patients died as the result of the heat and humidity in the Rehabilitation Center at Hollywood Hills.Like hundreds of thousands of residents and businesses in South Florida the center lost electricity, and air conditioning, in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma. FPL loss powerIrma cut power to millions of Floridians and killed more than 54 people across the Caribbean and the southeastern United States as it rampaged across the Atlantic. As of Wednesday, nearly 60 percent of customers had electricity restored, according to Florida Power & Light.Sharief said she had asked the utility company to prioritize getting power back for assisted-living, nursing home, and senior care center.A spokesman for FPL in a press conference said the facility was not listed as a top facility for restoration of power. He urged residents who are sick, and/or aged to seek shelter with a cooling system and no remain in over heated residents. Residents finding the heat unbearable can also call 911 for help.center_img High temperatures Temperatures in South Florida reached to the mid-nineties during the day on Tuesday and mid-8os on Wednesday night. Many residents without electricity in their homes abandoned those homes to seek shelter with friends or relatives with power and air conditioning, or in local hotels and other cooler places.“I just had to leave my house for a cooler place,” said 58-year-old Ronald Perry of Plantation. “The heat in the house was over 100 degrees and would have killed me if I stayed without the a/c.”It was not clear whether the Rehabilitation Center had a back-up generator or what measures were taken to care for residents after the storm.Sanchez said police would be checking the approximately 42 assisted living facilities throughout the City of Hollywood for any other patients in distress.Patients from a behavioral unit of another nearby facility, the Larkin Community Hospital, were also being evacuated, officials said.last_img read more

Iconic Jamaican boxer Bunny Grant dies at age 78

first_imgOne of independent Jamaica’s earliest boxing champion George “Bunny” Grant, welterweight, died on November 1 at age 78. In 1962 as Jamaica celebrated its status as an independent nation, Grant gave the nation a gift when he won the gold medal in his class at the British Commonwealth games. For the next several years well ino te 1970s Grant kept the Jamaican flag flying high in boxing as he dominated and remained relevant in the international welterweight boxing class.Statement from Jamaican Minister of Sports It was only last year that Jamaica’s Minister of Culture, Gender, Entertainment and Sports, Olivia “Babsy” Grange announced the government’s plan to refurbish the home in which Grant resided. In her statement on Grant’s death, Grange said, “Long before Lennox Lewis, before Mike McCallum, before Shrimpy Clarke, there was Bunny Grant,,,,,We will forever remember his victory over Dave Charnley, the Commonwealth Lightweight Champion, at the National Stadium on August 4, 1962 — just two days before Jamaica’s Independence Day. Bunny’s passion and humility endeared him to all. We all followed and celebrated with him throughout his 19-year career. Each of his victories was a victory for the Jamaican people.”Statement from Grant’s familyOn Friday night grant’s family issued a statement expressing being “deeply distressed at the loss of our father and loved one.  We are a large group of siblings, who though all born in Jamaica, we are residing in Jamaica and in various diaspora countries.”The statement continued: “Bunny Grant had a life-changing Stroke in early 2016.  He succumbed to his illness after another suspected stroke.  He was in KPH Hospital briefly and was discharged Wednesday 31 October.  He sadly passed away 1 November 2018 at his home in Weymouth Drive where he lived lately with his son George Grant Jr. True sporting legendBunny Grant was and is to us, our father.  He was a true sporting legend, character and loving dad.  There is much that we could say about dad however as a family we want the People of Jamaica to know how much we appreciate the high esteem in which they have held our dad during his Legendary days when on the NIGHT OF THE 4 AUGUST 1962, he won the British Empire Welterweight Title from Dave Charnley, British Boxer at the National Stadium.  So phenomenal was this fight that the great The Mighty Sparrow attended and wrote the hilarious Bunny Grant vs. Charley ‘ him too facety, him too fass…hit ‘im in him yeye, nyam him to rahtid’. This represented the same fight that Jamaica had with her Colonial rulers which was about to end LESS THAN ONE DAY LATER when at MIDNIGHT 5/08/62 the British Flag was lowered in the same National Stadium before Princess Margaret.  The Jamaican Standard was raised over an INDEPENDENT JAMAICA, in the first seconds of 6/08/62 that effectively transformed Bunny Grant’s Title to the Commonwealth Welterweight Title – Jamaica’s first Sporting title as an Independent Island Nation. Jamaica went on to become one of the most formidable Countries in the World for the prowess of our Boxer, athletes, and musicians – before all was the Pioneers that include Bunny Grant, a son of Trench Town and a local hero to the end. Thankful for outpouring of loveIn this most difficult time in our family’s life, we are thankful for the outpouring of love and condolences from the People of Jamaica.  We thank everyone expressing their condolences and respect to dad and his family in the TV, Newspapers, media and online forums.  We are thankful for the life of our dad and the excellent contribution that our dad made as a Sporting pioneer. Thanks to both of Jamaican political parties Though known all around the world, dad remained a loyal son of Jamaica and Jamaica did much to honor and show respect to him. We acknowledge and express our thanks to both sides of the Political Parties for their contribution to dad’s wellbeing and the respect that was always shown to him.  He was always very humbled and grateful for his place in the hearts of his Fans everywhere but particularly in his beloved Jamaica. Refused to leave Jamaican home When asked to travel abroad by his children, dad was resolute that ‘me naw goh noh way’, with his big trademark smile that we his children all share.  As one of the original residents of the Weymouth Drive, Washington Gardens area, Bunny Grant loved his home and the area.  He was a beloved resident and a permanent fixture from where he always refused to leave and where he died on the 1 November 2018.Bunny Grant Foundation of Sporting Excellence  The Grant family is determined to continue Bunny Grant’s legacy by creating The Bunny Grant Foundation of Sporting Excellence.  His excellence as a boxer was a means for Dad to raise himself from poverty to the pinnacle of sporting excellence.  We would like to know that other children from Dad’s background will have the same chance to express their greatness. We thank you all individually but we send our own heartfelt condolences to all who respected Bunny Grant. We particularly thank the Office of Sports, the Boxing Board, NHT, KPH and all Organisations, Politicians, Friends and Fans and the Jamaicans remained respectful to Bunny Grant throughout the years of his Sporting glory and after his retirement to his recent illness and transition to our Ancestors. From the Family of the Original ‘Gentleman Champion’ of Alton Ellis’ DANCE CRASHER and the ‘Soul Lover’ by Clancy Eccles and sung by our dear Dad – We The Grant Clan salute you, thank you and return love and respect.last_img read more

Thousands Lose Power as Hurricane Humberto Batters Bermuda

first_imgHAMILTON, Bermuda, CMC – Ferocious winds knocked out power to 80 percent of the island, roofs came off and trees were toppled as category 3 Hurricane Humberto hammered Bermuda on Wednesday evening, but police reported no serious injuries.“We’ve made it through and everyone is safe. That’s what is most important,” said Premier David Burt.National Security Minister Wayne Caines in a statement said it was a challenging night.“ We have come through a really, really challenging night, there were no fatalities, our country is resilient – today we are going to get through this,” he said. The Bermuda Electric Light Company (Belco), the island’s sole power provider, said at one stage on Wednesday night more than 28,000 of its customers had lost power.The Somerset Police Station, to the west of here, lost part of its roof; although all officers were said to be safe  At the CedarBridge Academy shelter, windows were shattered, but none of the 46 members of the public or 30 support staff in the building was injured.It’s also reported that many homes were damaged across the island, with Somerset appearing to be particularly affected by the destruction, as walls came down at the National Stadium.At Humberto’s peak point of impact, at about 8.30 p.m. (local time), wind speeds of more than 81 mph and gusts of more than 114 mph, were recorded at L.F. Wade International Airport, that hopes to reopen on Thursday.The storm’s closest point to the island came at about 9 pm when it was about 75 miles away.Public schools and government offices will be closed on Thursday.Caines said emergency agencies conducted an islandwide assessment and removed large trees which had been uprooted during the hurricane and were blocking main roads. “Once the assessment has been completed, restoration of main lines, critical infrastructure and institutions will begin. Our priorities will remain with emergencies ensuring the safety of the public and Belco crews.”The Department of Parks, the Department of Works and Engineering and the Royal Bermuda Regiment were out clearing roads on Thursday morning but some remained reduced to one lane because of large trees.Early Thursday, the Bermuda Weather Service lifted its tropical storm warning as the hurricane had raced nearly 200 miles north-northwest of the island.However, a government spokeswoman warned about the looming threat of Tropical Storm Jerry, which was more 1,300 miles southeast of Bermuda, but it is forecast to veer in the island’s general direction, next week.Jerry is forecast to develop into a Category 1 hurricane later on Thursday.last_img read more

Tax Evasion – Cristiano Ronaldo Booed, Avoid Reporters After Court Hearing

first_imgHowever, the Real Madrid forward have since denied the charges, saying his “conscience is clear”, a narrative echoed by his agent’s company Gestifute, which also declared that “the player didn’t hide anything” and the charges are mere “fiscal set-up”If the case goes to trial and Ronaldo is found guilty, he could be sentenced to at least three-and-a-half years jail term and fined up to €28m.Last year, Barcelona’s Lionel Messi was sentenced to a 21-month prison term after being found guilty of tax crimes, but later paid €252,000 in place of the jail term, as directed by the court.RelatedTax Evasion – Ronaldo Tells Court He Wants England ReturnAugust 5, 2017In “England”Tax Evasion Hearing: Ronaldo Blast Judge, Says “This Is Happening Because I’m Cristiano Ronaldo”August 1, 2017In “Europe”Cristiano Ronaldo Pleads Guilty To Tax FraudJanuary 22, 2019In “Europe” Portuguese superstar, Cristiano Ronaldo, avoided speaking to the media after appearing in a Spanish court today, to testify in his €14.7m tax evasion case.Ronaldo, who arrived the court in tinted windows car, was expected to speak to reporter’s after the hearing, with a podium already setup outside the Pozuelo de Alarcon court in Madrid.But the forward chose not to address the media after the one and a half hour court session, a decision that was booed by the gathered media representatives outside the court room.The 32-year-old was accused of evading €14.7m($17.3m) in tax by the Spanish tax authority, which says Ronaldo took “advantage of a company structure created in 2010 to hide income generated in Spain from his image rights from tax authorities.”A crime they termed “voluntary and conscious breach of his fiscal obligations in Spain”.Ronaldo, the worlds highest earning athlete, joins the long list of football stars that has been charged with tax evasion crimes by the Spanish tax authority.last_img read more

Premier Punt hits £200,000 Seedrs crowdfunding target

first_img Related Articles Submit Share UKGC launches fourth National Lottery licence competition August 28, 2020 Winning Post: Swedish regulator pushes back on ‘Storebror’ approach to deposit limits August 24, 2020 John Gordon – Premier PuntEdinburgh- based start-up and daily fantasy sports (DFS) operator, Premier Punt has announced that it has concluded its crowdfunding campaign on leading crowdfunding platform, Seedrs.The gambling and social gaming start-up was pleased to have hit its  Seedrs venture target of £200,000 in funding which sees the firm give away 6.67% equity at a valuation of £2.8 million. Premier Punt further informed that the investment round carried out on Seedrs surpassed its initial venture funding target by £20,000. John Gordon, CEO, and Founder of Premier Punt, commented on the campaign: “Premier Punt was made for the fans, by the fans which is why we felt crowdfunding fit in with our ethos. It meant friends, family, and our customers could join us in, what promises to be, an exciting and successful journey.We started down this road in September last year so we are delighted to finally get over the line, with a lot of help from Seedrs, and now we can fully focus on the next step for the company. We have some exciting news on that front coming soon.”The funds will be used to venture into overseas markets and further develop Premier Punt’s  app/website.Licensed by the UK Gambling Commission, Premier Punt has secured high coverage DFS partnerships with Southampton FC. The operator aims to bring innovation to the European betting market by combining social gaming dynamics with fantasy competitions. StumbleUpon UKGC hails ‘delivered efficiencies’ of its revamped licence maintenance service  August 20, 2020 Sharelast_img read more

AgiproNews’ Italian View: Calcio eagerly awaits the Ronaldo factor

first_img Betway and Dafabet grow La Liga sponsorship portfolios August 14, 2020 StumbleUpon LiveScore adds new leagues to streaming offering August 12, 2020 Share Share ESI Digital – No Drama Please… Esports growth should be treated as business as usual  August 20, 2020 Related Articles Submit Italian betting and football stakeholders have suffered a summer of discontent, with no Azzurri representation at Russia 2018 and the new Lega-5Star coalition government implementing a blanket ban on betting advertising and sponsorships across all sports and media formats.Navigating a disruptive summer, Italian betting, media and sports have called for any good news story… Step forward Cristiano Ronaldo and Juventus FC.As world football prepared for its final week of World Cup Russia 2018 play, Turin’s ‘Vecchia Signora’ (Old Lady) shocked global sports securing the services of a 33-year old Ronaldo, executing a Serie A record-breaking €110 million transfer from Real Madrid.The pending arrival of Ronaldo has perplexed all Italian sports stakeholders, as the country and its beloved calcio prepare for its dose of much needed ‘CR7 medicine’.Ronaldo is not only considered a coup for Juventus, but for the whole of Serie A, a league which was once the powerhouse of European football, but which has decayed in its own corruption scandals’ and diminished in its global standing against the might of Premier League and Spain’s La Liga.From a betting perspective, the ‘CR7 factor’ will be welcomed by the new Italian betting faces Betway and Marathonbet who prior to the Lega-5Star blanket ban had signed sponsorship arrangements with Roman football clubs’ AS Roma and SS Lazio respectively.Betway became the AS Roma Exclusive Training Kit Partner for the season of 2020-21, with an agreement that will generate €5 million per season. Marathonbet and S.S. Lazio are yet to be official, however, the club and bookmaker have agreed a shirt sponsorship for the next three years.Both sponsorships will likely be revised due to Lega-5Star advertising/marketing restrictions which will be implemented on Italian football from 15 July 2019.Despite securing a ‘transitional marketing period’ for betting advertisers to fulfil their existing contracts, Serie A officials have deeply criticised Lega-5Star blanket ban, detailing that it was a needless action which will not serve any of its intended purposes.“It would cause competitive disadvantages to the Italian clubs and our teams advertising budget would be redirected abroad. In the 2017-18 season, twelve Serie A clubs have signed a partnership contract with companies of the betting industry, considered the 5th field for investments in the rank of the t-shirt sponsorship in the 6 main European tournaments”.The new Serie A season begins on August 19. Italian sports recognises that the ‘Ronaldo factor’ can’t fix Italy’s complex political dynamics, but the Portuguese starboy might act as a form of nandralone to soothe aching bones following a disruptive summer._______________Content provided by AgiproNews Italialast_img read more

OPTIMA strikes compliance partnership with GLI

first_img Related Articles Sporting Solutions wins Norsk Tipping tender January 7, 2020 Submit OPTIMA has signed an agreement with Gaming Laboratories International (GLI) for ongoing compliance testing, security services and technical consultancy of its OPTIMAMGS platform.As part of the agreement, GLI will independently evaluate OPTIMAMGS’ individual setups for every customer, and partner ahead of the systems going live. Jacob López, OPTIMA CEO, said: “With this agreement, we will ensure that OPTIMA customers and partners can rest assured that every individual OPTIMA setup is fully compliant at the maximum level during its entire lifetime, before, during, after the systems are deployed into the live environments, and also every time the systems are changed in response to operator’s individual roadmap delivery, when regulatory changes arise and during general system upgrades.“OPTIMA, supplies platforms to customers and partners in many highly regulated markets worldwide such as Spain, France, South Africa, Italy, Romania, Bulgaria, United Kingdom, Malta and many others worldwide, the expansion will continue as planned in our company strategy.“As part of the continuous expansion of the company in new regulated markets, as well as in existing markets where we are supplying technology, a partner like GLI will ensure OPTIMA is not only offering one of the most, if not the most, highest performing feature rich platform in the market, but also a platform that is compliant at the maximum level in a highly regulated industry where non-compliance could cause strong financial and reputational damage to operators.“By investing in the introduction of a new process of compliance quality testing, in addition to OPTIMA’s already comprehensive Quality Assurance processes and any normal external testing that might be performed by regulators as part of their standard requirements and certification processes, OPTIMA will now also have GLI certifying our systems. “GLI’s testing will run in parallel to the official laboratories appointed by our partners in their new licensing or change management processes. The scope of the testing is not only the remote technical standards for which regulators demand evidences during the licensing processes, but also include areas like tax, compliance reporting consistency and adherence to guidelines and best practices published by regulatory bodies in every market pursuant to regulatory technical requirements, or that require a wider and more comprehensive verification process.”James Maida, GLI’s CEO, added: “We are thankful to Optima that have chosen to change to GLI for our enhanced testing, security and consultancy excellence. Our premium services will ensure maximum up-time and integrity of the OPTIMAMGS systems. Just like GLI, it’s clear Optima greatly values the operators and customers they serve. “This shared philosophy will serve both organizations well as we embark on the road ahead which will ultimately benefit Optima and its stakeholders globally.” Golden Race continues US move with SCCG partnership January 17, 2020 StumbleUpon Share DOWNLOAD: Superbet CEO stars in first SBC Magazine for 2020 January 28, 2020 Sharelast_img read more