How to build reasonable Shanghai Dragon Team

Shanghai dragon team building problem is not a small problem for all companies, especially for some Shanghai Longfeng technical weakness of the company, or have some top Shanghai Dragon Technology veteran, but the veteran did not love to do the management, which makes it more difficult to do for Shanghai dragon team to control and the construction of the. Then, a mature Shanghai dragon team should be how to build it, Shanghai dragon team building can be divided into several kinds, this paper only lists two typical cases as the basis, according to the personal experience to express their views. read more

Social marketing can not replace the Shanghai dragon two modes of talents

3: get Shanghai dragon more focus on new users, pay more attention to social is to maintain old customers

(super stationmaster net plan)

recent American Journal "well-known financial Forbes" published the article said "Shanghai dragon dead social real-time content lines, I agree with the first social content is popular, but I do not agree with the Shanghai dragon is dead. Just as I agree with micro-blog unable to get to the blog, in our line there are many different models, such as newspapers, magazines, TV is a kind of media, but also can live together, with the advent of the Internet, the traditional media is a kind of impact, but in fact, the traditional media and the Internet, each one has its own merits. The Internet is taken more quickly, and the quality of the traditional media in the interpretation of the content and depth of the hand is a lot of network media can not be compared. read more