How to use the high weight website promotion keywords ranking

when building the website, we have the advantage. On the one hand is the keyword has been included and ranking. On the other hand is a large number of weights using search results can promote the site’s rise. Why? Because the main keywords and long tail keywords we build this website containing more than we are laid on the original submission keywords more accurate

second, in order to prevent late closure competition it is necessary to do a long-term plan, we need to do a website of your own. This is the website of the corresponding website and keywords. The best choice of the nature of the blog website template. read more

Network company Shanghai dragon Er four types

so hard for those of us Shanghai Longfeng workers, what type.

Four basic types of

, the Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon, see most of the migrant workers is also called network on the Internet, do more than a cow, be not at all surprising in some companies, in fact, every one of the most basic Shanghai Longfeng workers have to start from the basic work, slowly will make a little achievements. In this work, especially outside the chain of work is the most arduous, the chain is a need to continue to work every day, looking for links is bustling about some good ideas, we should respect the work. read more

How will the Shanghai Longfeng flow to the present

you must first find a demand, this demand is a lot of people do not meet, for example, if you see the clothing industry for women’s short sleeved hooded T-shirt in great demand, but the search keywords and found no website with a short sleeved T-shirt Hat Women’s products, and through your observation that many users are looking for this product. Of course, this observation is not accidental but you see, there are data showing that, for example, the search index, Taobao search index and then discuss the demand, people buy or discuss or that someone said in the QQ group want to buy a dress like this, but I can’t find. Well, then you can do such a special offer this clothing store. The first thing to notice is not just provide such clothing cattle, also need to meet the most requirements of the product, such as the DIY demand, price demand etc.. read more

Love Shanghai for one site assessment as the leadership of the company to new employees

when your website to update snapshot content are very anxious, I think this keyword rankings are certainly very good, then work to be done is to consolidate him, then you may also have a lot of peers in imitation of your hair, the equivalent of an employee in the company has been the performance very good. Your boss will let you do the Department Manager or project manager. But this time or to continue efforts. If our website even though there is a good ranking but you should update the maintenance for fault. Because you are not doing. Your peers doing. They will be more than you. read more

The right way to handle the website chain

, a chain


The processing method of

the other is Jinhua Jinhua webmaster tools, webmaster tools, although there is no Xenu check the dead links so professional, but for the website chain inspection precision. If this is the first time to use Jinhua webmaster tools to check the website links, webmaster or Shanghai dragon Er need to download the software and then landing software, click data analysis add direct need to check the website with the domain name in the domain name, to complete a software inspection site of the URL link, the site of the chain can be derived. read more

How to narrow the gap between the two sides through the analysis of the competition

first, data analysis station. Choose a few stations, respectively, analysis of competitors web page of Shanghai dragon, snapshot date, included, the chain, keywords, PR analysis and ranking, these indicators are actually not difficult, use Adsense tools can be achieved, then record in the excel table, then compare from different places, so that you know what’s the difference between where. A few pages, by comparing the Shanghai dragon, observe the competitor’s title, keywords, description, you will find that others layout is how, their difference is reflected in where. Keywords they do not need to choose, title, description there is no improvement, analysis of several sites, many times you will understand your site contrast, weakness. read more

How to deploy the long tail keywords experience

How to do

how long hair fast

long tail words flow to obtain accurate long-term stability for the

hair loss what to eat

in the chain optimization project.

How to deploy

long tail keywords find how to deploy to the optimal

alopeciaWhat is the cause of alopecia in

we can list the following keywords:

! ?

which has several different

is the set of programs, the long tail keywords according to the optimal target keywords to do, but also some of the details to make slight adjustment. Good understanding than the content of a web page, in the content more prominent several keywords, and the title of the method is more important, the long tail keywords + related characteristics, to establish a good title to have certain particularity, coupled with the search engine and word, may well be a weight is not very high the site quickly included, waiting for the harvest. There is a little trick is when the optimization of the long tail word, pay attention to the correlation, can give the website with the relevant recommendation, reduce the rate of jump out the site. To win more opportunities, finally is to do the statistical analysis, the statistics of long tail keywords mainly from the site statistics, the establishment of a list, we call the convenience in writing articles, and do the anchor text. read more

Love Shanghai snapshot not update and complaint handling experience

webmaster friends may have encountered love Shanghai does not update problem snapshot every day, sometimes adhere to the original article, still with the new snapshot. Since the blue whale to do stand, summed up the following reasons and complaint handling experience:

is the way to go up in the station optimization. We like to visit relatives, a big road, a dirt road, a dead end. We choose to go the road, the road is easy and efficient. Mud road to achieve the same purpose, but will let us go tired, we don’t want to leave the relatives of the initiation of the idea. The dead end will let us back, waste of energy and strength. read more

Optimization techniques of Shanghai Longfeng picture 7 webmaster essential


1, the page title and the title of the article should be consistent with the picture, for example Red Apple Tastes title is "A Better", then the picture should be called " apple.jpg"

: high quality natural chain do? You will read these leap

keyword optimization topics: site optimization keywords have no effect? Come here to study keywords optimization techniques the most practical

2, the content of the article should try to talk to the theme of the picture as similar or related read more

The relationship between home layout and website ranking


1 site columns: General sites are divided into 2-3 bar, this is the most common site, such as the A5 home page, is the three column shows, from left to right, the left side is published every day some soft Wen webmaster wrote the article ranking, the middle part is some experience to share what’s right.

1, title (title) set, if you want to have a good website ranking in the search engine, so your title will write in accordance with the standards of search engine, generally not more than 25 words, is 50 characters, but not that much can not write, just in search the engine does not display, it did not write and write what is read more