Talking about the experience of website filing

Last year

website for the very successful, a lot of people for the record is not successful, but I had prepared the case, passed the two time, the first time to call back, because access was wrong, once again submitted a few days passed, and mall.

this year is not good, before I have the standing record through, because then the following original account of Miibeian added a new domain name for good management, the trouble came, the record was hit back, the reason is the record through the website or BBS forum, need to lead to yes, so I checked the relevant information about the person of the forum also asked some friends, they told me that the only a forum for the record, I also asked to call the Information Security Bureau of the people, the local information administration, a staff member told me, the record submitted to the forum in 90 days, you may not be able to pass, they all say this, I must submit read more

The domain name industry is very good and the industry problems are very common

The first

Chinese domain meeting has been in Beijing in June 4th ended, the general assembly to "regulation, innovation and development" as the theme, has attracted much attention from domestic and international Internet, attracted many Internet experts and elites and enthusiasts to participate in the domain name. The conference discussed the current situation and development of China’s domain name industry from the point of view of the current problems and the future direction of development, the conference pointed out that China’s domain name industry has begun to take shape, A new force suddenly rises. in the Internet field, has attracted worldwide attention. read more

Risk analysis of local real estate network operation in 2012

2011 is only the last month, and 2012 is coming. It’s time to come to the end of the year and look into the future. In recent years, the local real estate market "Carnival passion" development, brought about the rise of property networks and unpopular. Real estate network and the real estate market inextricably linked, but also to the real estate network has become the Internet sector affected by the state’s macro policy is the most serious industry.

has always been confident in the real estate market, and because of this confidence, I resigned and concentrated on managing my property. After all, rigid demand there, coupled with the real estate industry for the relevant industries (such as building materials, home appliances, household appliances and other industries) important impact, and these two points alone, I think the government will not let the property market downturn. However, some recent local news and market situation, I really felt the chill: in November 28th, a local Real Estate Company 180 million yuan of illegal fund-raising "disappeared"; since September, my area of new and second-hand housing turnover downturn. read more

The story behind NetEase’s boutique products three levels of content management

this is a scene from the subway line one in Hangzhou. Taking the subway is a long process, and sometimes it makes one’s habitual head empty. But in March 20th, when everyone walked into the subway, many people stopped to take a look at everything on the subway. Instant set off a burst of "NetEase red."".

NetEase cloud music chose some comments, showing them in the Hangzhou subway, it caused the forwarded circle of friends, many people may think this is a marketing activities, but in fact it is the accumulation and precipitation of NetEase cloud music content operation for many years. What really touches everyone on this train is the warm text and creates a common feeling, which is the core of the content operation. read more

New film station optimization experience

some time ago because the girlfriend after some TVB TV series, so to find a lot of free movies, see a lot of movie resources are the major video sites, then why not do the germination of a movie idea, just do it, immediately under a Marx movie CMS program one, to the space, with their own names before buying would be a movie station, then started looking for resources, but a few days later, did not see what traffic, ask some friends understand to ask about how to increase the flow, they said to do SEO, but I don’t understand. Again, continue to ask, and they say to do some good words, they said yunliwuli, said a long time I did not understand, and settle a matter by leaving it unsettled… read more

QQ dragon ball and grass roots webmaster

author Mu Yun Sheng: 12 years of professional Internet users, engaged in website production and operation of more than three, self styled as its website CEO. Do all aspects of the station, a smattering of knowledge, learning wide and not refined. But after a cold spectators, watching the raging like a storm on the internet. Along the way, I met many webmaster friends who needed help, and met a lot of webmaster friends who helped me. Then I tried to help my friends who need help with grass roots. read more

Be about to enter university prospective wants to do website operation how to avoid detours

some time ago and a year preparing for the college entrance examination buddy talked a lot, he is in the future want to engage in Internet operations work, but do not know how to fill volunteer, some problems and future in school how to learn, what is the first Yang heart admire this a buddy, such a small age of ideas planning for the future so clear. The second is the process of chatting I feel him questions is very popular, so want to get into an article to express their views, in addition to site operators occupation career planning, still want more with a summary of lessons to the confused but the very idea. Some suggestions for reliable partners. read more

Be a novice webmaster a few days of small experience

see everyone is talking about how Wangzhuan, self envy ah. I have been in touch with the Internet for over 2 years, and I’m ashamed I don’t have my own station. In A5 to learn a lot of things, to their site how to add a lot of confidence.

these days, finally made up his mind to be a small station, hiding the webmaster. Spent half a month, he wrote a small station, do local leasing information. Leasing industry. Rental sites are mostly rental and rental, and the rest of the basic little. In fact, how profit has not been considered good, first put a gg-ad. GG’s money is really hard to earn. Just put it up a few days, a few clicks earn a few cents, and then a little money has become $00.00, do not understand why?. read more

Discussion on the importance of internal optimization of e commerce websites from user experience

some time ago a friend recommended an e-commerce site, mainly to sell some of the best-selling book, snacks, and other daily necessities, the site promises in the distribution range of one hour of arrival today, experience again, but found that the electronic commerce website has been lacking in the user experience, here by comparing with the Jingdong of the mall, for everyone look, please pay attention to the webmaster, and avoid in their own website.

1, the home page of website, the website overall color is light green, may be related to thrift, low carbon, green service concept, originally green will make the eyes comfortable, but that a row of red on the left and to the overall classification by points, make the page look messy, although each electricity supplier website will show a lot of goods, but the color is not uniform, will make the page more dazzling: read more

An owner who has never been in touch with the record talk about the experience of domain name filin

I was also on the network for more than two years of the webmaster, said long not long, say short is not short. Keep a lot, but began in March last year, a large number of stations were closed. The reason is that either there is no domain name for the record, or that they have encountered a false record [formerly looking for those lower prices for the record agent). No way, no one to help me, I can help myself. I have never contacted a record from the webmaster, mixed to now everyone looking for me to record the domain name for the record station. read more