Jans Ingber’s Funk Fellowship Welcomes 15-Year-Old Jaden Carlson For Colorado Throwdown [Watch]

first_imgFormer frontman of The Motet, singer/percussionist Jans Ingber has taken an exciting direction with his new project, the Funk Fellowship. Never billed as a touring band, the group is hand-picked depending on the location of the show. Typically composed of a local core group of all-star musicians, these one-off gigs have been intriguing since day one, and last night at Cervantes in Denver, Colorado was perhaps the best yet.With Ingber orchestrating the madness, last night’s band impressed with Vulfpeck bassist Joe Dart, Snarky Puppy guitarist Mark Lettieri, Leftover Salmon drummer Alwyn Robinson, Citizen Cope keyboardist Erik Deutsch, Pimps of Joytime vocalist Kim Dawson, Kneebody trumpeter Shane Endlsey, Jon Stewart on saxophone, along with vocalists LaDamion Massey and Devon Parker.Sticking to their funk-infused renditions of various discographies, the band welcomed fifteen-year-old Jaden Carlson up for “Person to Person,” by the Average White Band. Carlson’s name has been making its way through the ears of the jam world for quite some time, giving her recognition as one of the most matured players in the game, providing evidence of funk, soul, jazz, fusion, and rock influences.14-Year Old Jaden Carlson Leads Members Of The Revivalists For Stunning NOLA PerformanceWatch the super group’s performance of “Person to Person” below:All photos appear courtesy of Phierce Photo.last_img

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