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Highway 75, Yet any evidence that Clintons private email server played a role in the scientist’s death is dubious, the invention of Peyton Robertson, Fla. while touring the 2014 White House Science Fair exhibits in Washington on May 27 2014 Susan Walsh—AP Write to Laura Stampler at [email protected] metal ball that makes your hair stand on end at science museums may have a powerful new use Scientists have found a way to combine these Van de Graaff generators with a common laboratory instrument to detect drugs explosives and other illicit materials on the human body The laboratory instrument in question is a mass spectrometer These machines ionize samples of liquids solids or gases imparting an electrical charge that can be used to identify them That’s tricky for detecting substances on humans says Kwan-Ming Ng a chemist at the University of Hong Kong “The major obstacle is safely depositing a sufficient amount of energy on the human body to induce ionization of chemicals on their skin” Ng had the idea of coupling a Van de Graaff generator a powerful but safe way to electrostatically charge the skin’s surface with a mass spectrometer Touching the Van de Graaff generator for only 2 seconds charges a person’s body to 400000 volts which ionizes compounds on the surface of the body Then the person would point the part of their body to be tested such as a finger toward the inlet of a mass spectrometer and ions from their body would enter the machine Also chemicals in the breath would become ionized as the person exhaled and the chemicals passed through their electrostatically charged lips Ng and his co-workers tested the new method which they call Megavolt Electrostatic Ionization Mass Spectrometry on a volunteer who handled different substances such as explosives flammable solvents cocaine and acetaminophen Then the person placed one hand on a Van de Graaff generator and moved his other hand in front of the inlet to a mass spectrometer The mass spectrometer correctly identified each of the tested substances the team will report in an upcoming issue of the Journal of the American Society for Mass Spectrometry The method could also detect compounds in the breath of four healthy volunteers who exhaled through a straw into the mass spectrometer inlet while touching the Van de Graaff generator Ng says After a person chewed mint-flavored gum or drank red wine the mass spectrometer detected chemicals from the gum and wine in their breath Therefore the method might help diagnose diseases characterized by certain chemicals in the breath such as diabetes or detect drugs or alcohol on the breath of suspects The technique is fast providing a readout within seconds And according to Ng the Van de Graaff generator does not produce an electric shock although people may experience an itchy “ion wind” and their hair will stand on end during the short period of time that the generator is turned on He stresses that despite the high voltage generated the metal ball is safe as it has been demonstrated in countless science displays at schools and museums The new method may be useful for security checkpoints at airports or other public places where officers could quickly and easily determine whether a person has recently handled explosives or illicit drugs However existing mass spectrometers will need to be modified to withstand the high electrostatic charges and other rigors of repetitive on-site testing Ng says For security screening Ng envisions that the technology will take the form of a chamber connected to a Van de Graaff generator People would enter the chamber and ions from all over their bodies would be channeled into a mass spectrometer This setup would be more sensitive and less invasive than current ways to detect trace explosives or drugs on a person’s body such as specially trained dogs John Yates III a chemist at the Scripps Research Institute in San Diego California is surprised by Ng’s findings “I never would have thought to try this experiment nor would I have thought that ions could be produced off someone’s skin or breath using a Van de Graff generator” he says Further work must be done to establish the sensitivity and safety of the method Yates says For example touching a Van de Graaff generator is generally not recommended for people with a pacemaker or other electronic medical device “This study is cute clever and interesting” says Joseph Loo a chemist at the University of California Los Angeles “It highlights how mass spectrometry could be used in everyday life in the future” However Loo notes that obtaining approval from federal agencies to use Van de Graff generators for human subjects may be difficult given the hurdles the US Transportation Security Administration had to overcome to implement new scanners in airports after 9/11 “And you can imagine the reaction that some people might have by being told to touch this surface and ‘No need to worry; it’s only 400000 volts’ ” WASHINGTON (Reuters) – US spy satellites have detected renewed activity at the North Korean factory that produced the country’s first intercontinental ballistic missiles capable of reaching the United States a senior US official said on Monday in the midst of talks to compel Pyongyang to give up its nuclear arms Photos and infrared imaging indicate vehicles moving in and out of the facility at Sanumdong but do not show how advanced any missile construction might be the official told Reuters on condition of anonymity because the intelligence is classified The Washington Post reported on Monday that North Korea appeared to be building one or two new liquid-fuelled intercontinental ballistic missiles at the large research facility on the outskirts of Pyongyang citing unidentified officials familiar with intelligence reporting According to the US official who spoke to Reuters one photo showed a truck and covered trailer similar to those the North has used to move its ICBMs Since the trailer was covered it was not possible to know what if anything it was carrying The White House did not immediately respond to a request for comment The evidence obtained this month is the latest to suggest ongoing activity in North Korea’s nuclear and missile facilities despite talks with the United States and a June summit between North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and US President Donald Trump Trump declared soon afterward that North Korea no longer posed a nuclear threat Kim committed in a broad summit statement to work toward denuclearisation but Pyongyang has offered no details as to how it might go about that and subsequent talks have not gone smoothly It was not the first time US intelligence clashed with the president’s optimism In late June US officials told US media outlets that intelligence agencies believed North Korea had increased production of fuel for nuclear weapons and that it did not intend to fully give up its nuclear arsenal US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo told the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee last week that North Korea was continuing to produce fuel for nuclear bombs despite its pledge to denuclearize But he insisted the Trump administration was still making progress in its talks with Pyongyang The Sanumdong factory produced two Hwasong-15 ICBMs North Korea’s longest-range missiles but the US official noted that Pyongyang still had not tested a reliable re-entry vehicle capable of surviving a high-velocity trip through the Earth’s atmosphere and delivering a nuclear warhead It is possible the official said that any new missiles the North is building may be for further testing of such vehicles and of more accurate guidance systems “They seem to have figured out the engines but not all the higher-tech stuff and that might be what this is about” the official said “What’s more a liquid-fuelled ICBM doesn’t pose nearly the threat that a solid-fuelled one would because they take so long to fuel and that’s something we almost certainly could see in time to abort a launch given our assets in the vicinity” (Reporting by David Alexander; Writing by Mary Milliken; Editing by Peter Cooney) This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed New Delhi: Militaries of India and Pakistan will be part of a mega anti-terror drill in Russia in August which is being organised by the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) with an aim to expand cooperation among the member countries to deal with terrorism and extremism Around 200 Army and Air Force personnel from India will be participating in the exercise scheduled from 20-29 August at Chelyabinsk city in west-central Russia official sources said The exercise will be joined by all SCO member countries including Russia China Kyrgyz Republic Kazakhstan Tajikistan and Uzbekistan Foreign ministers and officials of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) pose for a group photo before a meeting in Beijing AP The drill "Peace Mission" will take place nearly three months after the SCO in its annual summit in Chinese city of Qingdao resolved to deepen cooperation among their militaries to deal with threats of terrorism extremism and separatism "The broad objective of the exercise is to boost cooperation among the SCO countries to deal with challenge of terrorism and extremism" said a military official On the sidelines of the exercise military officials of the SCO countries are likely to deliberate on ways to enhance cooperation to stop spread of terrorist ideologies and eliminate factors and conditions that facilitate terrorism and extremism the official said India has been pressing for global action against Pakistan for allowing terror safe havens in its territories and it will be interesting to see how New Delhi push its demand to pile up pressure on Islamabad at the SCO platform It will be for the first time since Independence that India and Pakistan will both be part of a military exercise though the armies of the two nations have worked together in UN peacekeeping missions he said India and Pakistan were admitted as observers of the grouping in 2005 and they were admitted as full members of the bloc in 2017 The SCO seen as a counterweight to NATO has emerged as one of the largest transregional international organisations which accounts for almost 44 percent of the world population stretching from the Arctic Ocean to the Indian Ocean and from the Pacific Ocean to the Baltic Sea The aim of the SCO is to maintain peace stability and security of the region India’s membership was strongly pushed by Russia while Pakistan’s entry into the grouping was backed by China India feels that as an SCO member it will be able to play a major role in addressing the threat of terrorism in the region It is also keen on deepening its security-related cooperation with the SCO and its Regional Anti-Terrorism Structure (RATS) which specifically deals with issues relating to security and defence

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economies. education," the complaint states. (Reporting by Richard Cowan; additional reporting by Amanda Becker; Editing by James Dalgleish) This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed. Its conspiracy." It does mean that even in routine operations.

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