Network company Shanghai dragon Er four types

so hard for those of us Shanghai Longfeng workers, what type.

Four basic types of

, the Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon, see most of the migrant workers is also called network on the Internet, do more than a cow, be not at all surprising in some companies, in fact, every one of the most basic Shanghai Longfeng workers have to start from the basic work, slowly will make a little achievements. In this work, especially outside the chain of work is the most arduous, the chain is a need to continue to work every day, looking for links is bustling about some good ideas, we should respect the work.

: this kind of general in Shanghai Longfeng network consultant company more, the whole framework of this type of Shanghai dragon on the site have their own ideas, UE also belong to the master, can make their own planning for the site, there have been a lot of knowledge is very stunning, on site competition are relatively accurate sure, but whether it is the choice of keywords or brand building, or have their own planning progress.

diligent type: every company in Shanghai just need to use dragon diligence to prove himself, perhaps there are many do not understand, but for those of us just go in, work where there is a learning environment, when just in hand, basically did not have some resources, every day is to continue the new mining resources, then every day quietly doing their own thing, but in the most meticulous workers still want you, because a little river will eventually coalesce into a powerful force. See the "Zhejiang new employees bowed" this news, the bottom of the workers is the most worthy of respect, because without them, continue to perform some of the most basic strategies are not smooth, the diligent Shanghai Longfeng people for a certain period of time in the future will exercise to get attention.

coagulation that location level about Shanghai Longfeng, whether technical, or resource, finally let website ranking is up, but go up after it, UE.

resources: these Shanghai dragon hand inside there will be many site resources, not hundreds, but have hundreds or even thousands of blogs on account, in addition to some high level forum account, and so on, have the resources to hand directly with what you can, this is the resources the advantage, as the Shanghai Dragon er we want to do is to get enough resources, then we use these resources to achieve a little progress, for this type of Shanghai dragon Er type, not to offend, website resources are in their hands, and their control, water can carry a boat, can also capsize this is the truth.

: this kind of comprehensive Shanghai dragon is diligence, resources, on behalf of technology, do things always targeted, have deep insights into the love of Shanghai, in the company generally have very high status.

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