How will the Shanghai Longfeng flow to the present

you must first find a demand, this demand is a lot of people do not meet, for example, if you see the clothing industry for women’s short sleeved hooded T-shirt in great demand, but the search keywords and found no website with a short sleeved T-shirt Hat Women’s products, and through your observation that many users are looking for this product. Of course, this observation is not accidental but you see, there are data showing that, for example, the search index, Taobao search index and then discuss the demand, people buy or discuss or that someone said in the QQ group want to buy a dress like this, but I can’t find. Well, then you can do such a special offer this clothing store. The first thing to notice is not just provide such clothing cattle, also need to meet the most requirements of the product, such as the DIY demand, price demand etc..

the user to enter the circle group will need to maintain and so on Management

case study: I see more cases of cattle are making money through these ways, such as a skin care products recently very fire in micro-blog do of course, they use celebrity to do a lot of articles, directly led to a lot of marketing cases. I was through their celebrity micro-blog saw this case, after the purchase of their Taobao products store customer service, let me add a group out of curiosity, I added into the group is very active, is in discussions of how to care. So far they have a group of more than 30, count, a group of 500 people that even many people to buy their products, not to mention some group is a group of 1000 people, there are some people who are not willing to buy the product with the group, as far as I know, these do have a group of users.

website is good after promotion to the user, so the user must first find where. Even if you do not know where the user, blind promotion like look for a needle in the ocean. We need to find the fish, then you can get more net, and is targeted to users. For example, some industries have discussed the demand, aquaculture, Shanghai Dragon technology, the plastic Post Bar demand, there are some forums users demand, focus on the forum, QQ group discussion and then demand, such as making friends, tour pal. Find the user where good promotion website, as long as we are inside this circle mix, will promote our website or product. There are some circles can directly make the promotion, for example, Post Bar forum, if the platform can be extended, then we can write some high quality articles to promote our products. If is the instant messaging platform such as QQ, so we go with the group of friends in the mix, as long as a good relationship, what products to sell is not a problem.

After The

this is a lot of people encounter problems, do not know how to use the Shanghai dragon to do more things, do not know how the Internet into cash flow. There are many kinds of the cash flow, and today I will speak a, to the Internet in Shanghai Longfeng people are under reference.

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