Love Shanghai for one site assessment as the leadership of the company to new employees

when your website to update snapshot content are very anxious, I think this keyword rankings are certainly very good, then work to be done is to consolidate him, then you may also have a lot of peers in imitation of your hair, the equivalent of an employee in the company has been the performance very good. Your boss will let you do the Department Manager or project manager. But this time or to continue efforts. If our website even though there is a good ranking but you should update the maintenance for fault. Because you are not doing. Your peers doing. They will be more than you.

with the development of electronic commerce and network marketing, now many enterprises do not only meet on a display, more is to make their sites to let more people understand the business or. So now many companies have chosen to do a good job on the website after a variety of network marketing, some began to have sex in Shanghai bidding. Some others in the website optimization. Some even on the radio and newspaper to do a lot of advertising. The purpose is to give out his new publicity. Later today we talk about our new job, love Shanghai attitudes towards it and we a new employee to the company, your boss on you.

under normal circumstances if your site through love Shanghai review period. It is the equivalent of a new staff through the company’s probation, all your benefits are likely to improve, as well as on the website of the Shanghai love. If your site through the assessment period, so this time your website snapshot also basically is the next day with a new, in your own website on the news will soon be included. All these reflect your site has a certain weight. The equivalent of an employee in the company already has a certain status, reflecting their own again, but this time you still want to break the update and maintenance.

2, fell in love with the sea recognized time as employees of the

1, Shanghai love assessment period as the probationary period for new staff is the key to the

3, love Shanghai consolidate period of the climax of the staff is

a new website, may be in love inside the Shanghai point ranking no, here is what we have to do the work, is to continuously update, enrich the contents of his. We like a new employee to a company, you may not have what, what all don’t understand. So are you going to do during the probation period is to study the sense of continuous learning, strive to enrich themselves. Although at this time you may find that your boss you do not pay attention to or do not understand you, but you still need to continue efforts. Like Shanghai, you may not update the snapshot Xinzhan, keyword ranking did not change. But you still have to constantly updated content, increasing the chain. So the probation period and the assessment period as the love of Shanghai. We have to do is to get down to work, my new content, let yourself smoothly safely through the probation period.

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