Shaoxing Sunshine Network Some Reflections on local communities

started business in 04 years and made local websites and has been doing it today. In the last three years, I have done other things. I have been concentrating on the local community for the last 6 years. I have done a simple summary before, and I can click here to see it. Along the way, toss something enough, too many to count the mistakes always want to system, do a summary, but always thought too scattered, want to write too much to write. Recently, the website is ready for revision, because the changes are relatively large, so I can’t think of any more delays, how many or more can I write and discuss with my colleagues.

now we all know the local community to do professional, is not the original several people, several guns can do, remember Ningzhe network teacher Zhou Ning used to have a summary of local communities up to three conditions: 1, 3 million; 2, 3 years; 3, a mature team. My own experience, indeed, and now micro-blog, WeChat, QQ and other mobile terminal space impact in the overall decline in this forum, there is a distinction: a large number of original forum pastime went to micro-blog or WeChat up, so we come to the conclusion that the local community has the advantage of doing and consumption. Chat is more suitable for mobile terminal.

, start with the lesson. There are too many lessons to be learned. The first is positioning. The topic is a platitude, but it’s too much to talk about and make the same mistake every day. All along, many people ask: what is the Sunshine Network? I hesitated for a long time, what comprehensive website, consumer sites, local portal site, we do * * * industry and so on, in fact every time that doesn’t explain, I said I, people still don’t know. A user opens a web page, from the top down and pull, leave, now everyone’s attention is very valuable, you can’t attract Ta in the shortest time of the eye, the basic game. So, the website that has done has innate popularity foundation, but the website later is more and more difficult to do. For the Internet, too many alternative products, from the point of view of time, is exclusive, on the other, there is no time to patronize you.

in this case, a clear positioning of the most critical, can let people in the first glance, 15 seconds to know what you are doing, what is good for her? You can save a lot of brand promotion costs. But the location is fuzzy, without characteristic, more resources will be scattered and consumed. Unfortunately, we are not mature enough in itself the team (early entrepreneurs have been lost, and the money is not the Internet as the main business, mostly new, only one or two years of Internet experience) of the industry, the operation is not familiar with the conditions, always want to do big and complete, spend in it for 4 years, millions of investment. Really sorry and sad.

by the way, until 2009, I have been in the wrong circle, until about 10 years I have changed the PW technology, then through the national and local community forum PW, I began to enter into this circle. At that time, there was a network of eight nets for the ant net (now closed), the public comment network, the 55bbs, and Shenzhen

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