10 conjectures on the future development trend of small and medium sized talent networks

each have one or more mature talent website, the talent network form and the profit pattern is similar, intense competition, homogenization of serious, every day in the fight fight fight ranking, telephone marketing, registration, fight traffic. Tired? Sure tired. Let go of our work, we will explore, what are the future development trend of talent profit model, how to break the bottleneck of revenue, how to make differentiated competition?


guess one, local headhunter

this business has done in the big city in full swing, and considerable revenue, I am a friend in Shanghai, single handedly opened the headhunter, 2 years to buy a Mercedes benz. With the competition of talent in mainland enterprises becoming more and more fierce, headhunting mode will become a powerful profitable weapon in the latter stage of talent network.

conjecture two, employment and entrepreneurship skills training


model company did succeed in Beijing, results do millions of scale, his model is not for the graduate training, but just entering college students can participate in the training, the training cycle for 3-4 years, in general to attend the training of the students, have very in-depth communication on graduation before you and business contact, so to find a job easily. It’s easy to make a profit by helping others solve their problems.

guess three, talent recruitment meeting

this model, many cities are doing the recruitment network, and some do well, but to do this, there must be resources. The local labor department generally have their own recruitment, you want to intervene in never mind if it is difficult, but you can change the strategy, such as relatively large enterprises and local joint recruitment, but the enterprise scale, but also the site.

conjecture four, enterprise training management consulting.

There are a lot of enterprise

talent online, even if a small city mature talent network has thousands of member companies, such as www.changdedj.com this site is three line city talent network has more than five thousand member companies. This is a very valuable resource, we can carry out cooperation and business training institutions, corporate training and management consulting services, this income is also a lot of oh.

conjecture five, entrepreneurship incubation

At present,

countries attach great importance to this business, every city has a business park, we can through the talent platform, build a business platform, help the project to find money to help fund for the project, and provide legal advice and funding application etc..

guess six, mobile recruitment

with the development of mobile Internet, recruitment at any time and place will become a powerful competitive weapon and profit means for the website.

conjecture seven, three networks after the TV recruitment

triple play has entered the real stage, if your talent network platform can enter the set-top box that small box, becoming the value-added business of radio and television >