Look at the development of grass roots webmaster from another angle

recently, hot, dry, the mother’s body was sick for a day to the hospital, I back home, relatives and friends who have come to visit, all kinds of drinks, tonic bags filled with bedside. Aunt is not sure where to get 7 chickens to come, after a day of lively greeting, life returned to the original calm.

then remembered that a few chickens, chicken coops opened a look, two dead and two down, the other three only a small mouth, forcibly gasped, too bad. The father said to be caused by hot days, I immediately rushed to put out the chicken coop, and put some water and food. The two dead chickens away, two dying not dead, not to waste food. A big pot of chicken soup pot, the whole family to share, the remaining three only (a two parent) is resigned.

is perhaps the life is not the most, second days of full house run, everywhere left their fecal trace, sometimes even ran upstairs not completely strange feeling and fear is simply taking the chicken nest, called a boring ah, in fact the mother at home have only 10 chicken, but has been shut in the backyard never let into the house. So I will try to make them feel their backyard, gregarious, result just a meet, home of the rooster rattle sounds, ten hens also group rings, the three chickens which bear the deadly battle have fled, toward the back door. The unified plan has been ruined like this. Alas, the will of man can not be imposed upon the chickens. Since backyard no, rogue had to be driven with the front yard, anyway home in the countryside, very spacious place.

less similar they will soon take up arms, in the front yard established their own kingdom, then aunt told us that the chickens he sent was from China and our local chicken is not the same types so asocial. Two kinds of cock crowing cry is also different, every morning, the two sides interaction, singing, echoing, do not have a mood.

I don’t think the

by the US as a webmaster, every day to hold his side of the small world on the Internet, for a spell of petty profits are down to fight at outrance, and a new top up every day, the Internet is the courtyard, Baidu and other Internet giants like local chicken fierce, and we like the three field chicken, no "masters" justice distribution vestibular backyard to us, in the face of strong opponents had to find someone in the limited space of the leftovers, leftovers every day and this is so, we have to grab each other, tear each other, finally also lose, we these weak the group can form a coalition of interests, the formation of a similar association of the organization, to help each other to fight each other, let each other down into each other, is A5 A very good platform, so many grassroots webmaster gathered here, just set up the corresponding system and order. In this way, we will make a larger voice, the right to speak more heavy, the corresponding living environment may be much better. I believe this is the majority of webmaster pleased to see, look forward to achieving. Write here and see a message; 2011 Internet Conference held in Beijing 23. >

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