How to aggregate terminal information merge text and pictures help website development

in site operation is not only the text content rich, more important is it will be pictures and text content of the site allows users to enter into, after the website not only see the text content of the site so as to produce fatigue. A website wants to progress, we also need to from the website of various aspects of the website text and pictures to digest, then what is the specific practice?

?The logo and title of the

site are against each other

made the website friends all know, logo site is the site of the banner, to a large extent the website logo can promote and enhance the quality of the user memory site, and our website title is the original power to attract users to access the site, logo and title of the site to site together user memory live website, found that the next time the site of the phenomenon, we must adopt the following methods:

is in the title to logo websites, such as logo word is your power, so we don’t forget the title with the power to edit, so users will not feel at a loss to the website, now there is a web site, with logo in the title is not accord with the user only choose to leave.

two is the site of the logo can be enlarged, with full column method logo infinite zoom, so logo can be loaded into the title and description of the web, highlighting the title and description of the website, promote the user of the site’s impression, let users have confidence for the next action.

The slides on the

site combine with the main columns,

slides and the main column is the first impression site users to enter the site, the site can be said on behalf of the user can slide on the site in the PV value, such as we are familiar with,, Suning and so on the website, these websites slide is very attractive, we will enter the site could not help but click, from which we can see the importance of combining site slides and the main column, in addition to the sale of goods site, such as my website also joined the Douyin slides through data monitoring can be found that web site is the focus of the user flow into the slide, therefore suggest the webmaster do a slide, slide and the best design is combined with the column, let slide with the column, column support slide. The.

A single page description of the

site gives pictures better than text effects,

We are in the

pages within the website design will encounter a lot of single page pictures, text and pictures of the single page is not affected by the users love, we can find there are a lot of today’s Internet auction websites, and the bidding site take a picture from the page, we are not difficult to see words and pictures: good effect. So when we design a single page, we translate the content into pictures as much as possible

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