mprove local talent network enterprise and talent matching rate four means

    local talent website has become the center of institutions and job candidates, but with the continuous development of network talents, when the reality of institutions more and more in the selection of staff over emphasis on job seekers resume information, education information, family background, this leads to a lot of talent people can not get the right position, and many institutions due to too much emphasis on the surface and missed the precious talent. Employing organizations and personnel matched low probability, low success rate in the face of this situation, the author carried out four major reform of their talent network, through the reform of the site after the "matching rate improved, here to share some of my steps.

1, in the station to develop talent column information, provide recruitment reference,

    the talent network right side out of the opening of the size of the 250*200 column, this column by rolling exhibit important information, the author in the first column of information is an article on the degree and represents the technology to the article, just a week in this article are read 2000 times, the author analyzes some deep degree dry but practical work talent benefits for enterprises and public institutions, the articles of information for many institutions of the human resources department are able to change some thinking. And this one column, the author also maintains the content updates, and fixed every week will update some of the talent market information analysis, it can be said that this program not only to attract job seekers, and attracted many institutions to participate, to help them make a judgment to the existing personnel market.

two, pay attention to candidates resume review, and actively communicate with talents

    when we apply for business websites will inevitably encounter many exaggerated or false information on the resume, a lot of people are holding the psychological luck when the candidate, they will resume their information over exaggerated or adding some false information, there are a lot of water most often we get resume, lost the authenticity and reality of your resume should have, in the face of this problem, we should strengthen the personnel resume review when business talent network, are some of the screening resumes we receive information, eliminate unqualified exaggerated resume. The main reason is the user resume back informed at the same time, as the Admin5 station network, the main reason to inform the unqualified article is returned, by this method can not only enhance the quality of the website information, can also form a good interaction with the user, but also can save time for job seekers and employers.

three, actively contact enterprises and institutions, and do a good job with enterprises and institutions link work,

    when we run the talent network, if you do it alone, it’s hard to make the site grow, >

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