Customized gifts are an important part of Witkey mode

1, recently the pig into the custom personalized gifts in this market that attracted you borrow my own blog There were many discussions., a brief talk about the reason, but also save everyone guessing.

2, let’s talk about the results. I heard most of the voices that were opposed since the news of the pig’s personalized entry. Opponents point of view is the current business, Witkey task reward is not ready, do custom gifts are worthless. But what I want to say is that customized gifts are a very important part of Witkey mode.

3, in the traditional Witkey mode, a task, if there are 100 people to bid, only one person can win the bid, and the remaining 99 people are not successful, but may be the same effort paid by everyone. The key is that no 99 people bid, also have a lot of strength and creative enough, but because of this reason, such as the communication between the client and the poor, too busy no time to revise again, missed the chance of winning. For such Witkey, if after bidding 20 times, still can not win the bid, then the blow to them is self-evident.

4, as early as half a year ago, I and Lao Zhu have been thinking, what kind of way to stimulate everyone, more active participation in Witkey bid. As a result of our thinking, we launched the award for the awards and awards every six months ago. These two products have expanded the scope of the number of awards, but still not enough.

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