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Internet industry segmentation and the increasing demand for localization information of Internet users have brought opportunities for the development of classified information network. The reduction of the site threshold also makes more and more small and medium-sized classified information websites springing up in big and small cities at all levels. Although the huge localized information demand, classified information website emphasizes the local market, but many small and medium-sized site is still facing the industry increasingly fierce competition, but do not have the core competitiveness and profit model of embarrassment. Especially the municipalities and provincial capitals and some economically developed city, the market has been the 58 city Ganji, these large classified information websites, and some of the two or three lines of the city 58 city and Ganji have also started to set up small and medium substation, classified information website if you can not find a suitable operation strategy will be difficult to sustain.

classification of information industry on the one hand the market is firmly occupy large sites on the other hand, the classified information website to small and medium-sized websites to suppress, deliberately through capital advantage to carry out the discount card, DM magazine, outdoor advertising business to improve the entry barriers, eliminate some weakening and they grab market share website. This has added more difficulties to the operation of small and medium sized information websites. Small and medium sized classified information website to survive long-term development, we must find a set of their own operating strategy, we all know that the classified information website is facing the localization of the user, only to meet the local needs of users, bring convenience to them, in order to obtain more market, and combined with the community, and strive to create a an interactive entertainment platform, enhance the site stickiness, accumulation of users, stable user base, in order to fight our way out in the fierce competition in the information classification.

The core of the development of

classified information websites is to provide the users with practical and useful information about daily life. Only when they are timely, convenient and practical can they attract users. Simple to say is convenient for the people, let the classified information network become convenient information network, the information should not only big and all, but also new and fast. Also practical and easy to use. In addition to the local weather forecast, local users are most concerned about the telephone, the local public traffic query, travel route map and other information to improve the convenience, classified information network is the core of the four plates is real estate, recruitment, secondary trading information, dating. Only in these four aspects of convenience and benefit, to seize the needs of users, the site will be popular. However, each of these four cities, almost all industries related to the existence of large sites, classified information network is not to do and industry sites to grab the market, if you want to fill the vacancy, to small details of development. Such as recruitment, formal corporate recruitment information on the large recruitment website inquiries, classification information website to do is to fill part-time, temporary work and so on. Property focused mainly on large sharing, rental information. Making friends mainly focuses on marriage seeking. More individuals, small businesses to provide convenient information, seize this part of the market to survive.

in addition, the classified information website releases the information also to follow the free trend, only then can free >

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