Jiangxi Health Network ten years of dreams come true

  I am Hyun Fai, about his net ten years of dribs and drabs, and on the Internet business feelings.

ten years seems like a dream, life only. Ten years ago, I harbored a strong interest in the Internet into this bottomless pit, resolute heart, so I never regretted. An inexperienced webmaster in the growing practice, fail to climb up, I once again remind ourselves, insist on is victory.

from the homepage to the flashy without substance, a variety of content of the forum, to Everything is contained therein. local portal evolution, one after another, I have experienced different pain and suffering. A huge site, just a person to success, it is difficult to go to the blue sky.

began a few years of network career, most of the time is wasted in the game, from a single red alert, legend network, gold legend. The game has made me more interested in the Internet, although the interest is clearly weakening, but also under the pressure of life. Most of the effort has been spent on Web site operations and promotion.

from the beginning of 02 years, I started the forum, although early registration of the official DISCUZ, but at that time it seems PHP space is relatively small, ASP is very popular, so chose the mobile network. A messy leisure entertainment forum came out, and now the public entertainment forum almost, but it was better then, do not much content can attract a lot of people to see. Because at that time the economic conditions, the purchase of space is also very cheap, and finally because of the forum many people, unable to support, and poured. I had never thought of the website can make money, I also hate I used to Wangzhuan cognitive too few now.

, in 07 years, whim, want to make local doors, but also borrowed a lot of money. Originally everything has been planned, which knows the day has the unexpected situation, my studio has finished. The reason does not say, the sad past, but really let me mature a lot. When I first entered the mall, I felt the intricacies and the bad environment. It seems that I need to hone in society. Then only continued his career.

I have a long time to do forums, and I still do the forum until now. After all, the technical threshold is low, and I am also very familiar with it. Which forum is becoming more and more difficult to do, overwhelming all kinds of forums, densely covered with the entire Chinese land. The word "springing up" is not appropriate. It is better to say that a tree is crawling with ants. It is well-known that there are a few green leaves, which make little money. Some of the webmaster for a little bit of interest, at any cost to the user’s browsing experience. I’m still feeling pretty good about the big adjustment of the Ministry, suppressing many useless garbage stations and vulgar culture. Technology is not the biggest threshold, the most difficult is how to do a site, the ultimate goal is to profit.

I think every day how to improve the user experience in the only technical conditions, the key is content. >

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