Explore the reasons for the increasing popularity of plagiarism collection stations

Baidu to start copying collection station of a series of severe blow from June, but recently I found a copy of the site has not been collected in the fight against K, ranking also more and more high, what is the reason for copying acquisition station also has ranked stable? Let us see a few screenshot, confirm the site for copying collection station.


article content is all plagiarism collection, in which the most A5 collection, and this is why I found the site, and then we’ll look at the flow of this site and included.


understand the basic situation of the site, we can then analyze the site, why have rankings, I hope my analysis can help some of the webmaster is hard to build content.

first, this site site long, let Baidu reluctant to K off

we can see from the chart, the site of the station lasted 3 years and 7 months, to tell the truth is such a long time we have a lot of time, now website in 1 years, establishment of a long time, which makes Baidu search engine not to K off the site, and the site also do the business of illegal crime. This is just like your old men, although he made a little mistake, but you will be willing to old men fired? I think this website held Baidu reluctant advantage, while a large number of plagiarism acquisition station by K, probably because the station is not long, but plagiarism caused by improper acquisition method.

second, plagiarism collection speed is very fast, the original release here to collect

from the contents of this website we can see is often the other well-known website content release, this website is collected, I do not know this acquisition is artificial or software, but we can see that the webmaster very dedicated, this let Baidu spider did not catch when the original article has grabbed the first copy the acquisition of this article, this let Baidu spider is very difficult, which is a website copy? Baidu spider also dare not shield website, so there is now the collection ranking situation jiejiegao plagiarism.

third, copy acquisition station friendship links too much, the famous media also many,


we can see from the picture of the site chain reached 100, a chain system powerful let Baidu spiders crawl on the site and content, we can see that this website Baidu included also reached more than 10 thousand, included a copy collection website can reach so many really simple, I to this powerful chain system to help the development of the website, you can imagine a chain spider a site has not left, another.

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