Compared with the mainstream products Chinese million net channel configuration and price

in the IDC service providers the most well-known, I always is the most promising China channel and million net, as the new network, new network, Internet era, resources and unlimited communications (by the new network branch, now defunct), I think they are, and if network is not a grade. Two new network products are too garbage, the era of Internet, resources often send spam advertising, garbage sales phone calls, its corporate image is too bad.

I personally believe that the current domestic IDC products, the best is China channel and million net, but the price compared to China million net channel is much higher.

I also do Chinese channel, network agents, on both sides of the agent level is roughly the same, but the main customers are placed in the China channel side, now in the Chinese channel side has more than 1000 customers. Chinese channel is one of the earliest to do domain name and web hosting service providers, Chinese channel still has boasted that "Asia’s largest IDC service provider", one or two years ago, I very much agree China channel, then China channel network product is absolutely Beavan stronger, but the price is expensive because of my net bivane, go is the high-end customer line, so the price is not the most important, therefore, I have to focus on the Chinese channel here.

now, network products better and better, the quality of the products and Chinese channel basically no difference, but the configuration is better, with the grade of the host, the nets of configuration are much better than the frequency, and the price has been more than China low channel. All products are always innovative, keep pace with the times, and Chinese channel products long time no fresh things, not long ago got a junk Zhiqiang G host, the initial flow of 900M space is actually only 8G, often slow.

this has to make me very regret, did not choose a good partner.


, I summed up the "nets and mainstream products Chinese channel allocation and price comparison of a chart, for IDC agent business friends.








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