Looking at the personal website orientation from the fortune boy

‘s personal website after the rain is like spring Sheng, every day I do not know how many new owners have every day; and don’t know how many webmaster leave this piece of Red Sea; network is the wealth of wealth is heaven, hell, heaven or hell, this choice has a great relationship and positioning at the beginning of the site webmaster.

was once a story, is a river of gold, many people went to mining, someone is not to dig, he only wants, he made the results more than anyone; I want to say is the personal website cannot have vast resources, how do you locate


in diligence = success, building a personal website of interest should be the first productivity, not interested in everything except empty, just want to do garbage sites; interest will produce power, but the personal website owners must pay attention to some interest if they can grasp, for example, do a website but they are unable to manage, just the interest is dangerous, because your site will soon collapse, because no diligence is unlikely to succeed, even if the occasional success is not copied.

lucky boy soft http://s.zhaocaiboy.cn should be regarded as a unique vision; I just said he chose to punt, he is aware of his position; he also understand their own resources, the webmaster understand what is the starting point; understand what he himself wrote is controllable; he is controllable, the development of soft Wen writers join is to do a company.

think about looks very simple, a soft net in the six months after what will become like? Think about your website in the early development of positioning success,

?You will

construction site and is building a site to a friend, I hope you can really understand their strengths, understand their interests in this competitive era, the most intense competition in the network; only understand that can stand, only to meet on can really develop your career to network; we no longer fantasy, let us clear the face, so successful in your eyes.

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