Baidu has begun blocking blog posts with links

site SEO, in order to get a good ranking, the chain is very important factor. SeoER do the chain is one of the essential work. The construction of external links, links exchange, to join the open directory, BBS post, write blog articles, with links, addresses and so on. And in the weight website to apply for blog, write with links Bowen is very effective method.

I apply for several Sina blogs (the highest weight of Sina blog), send a few articles every day on the website, and then indicate at the bottom of the article, the article from what website, leave a link address. Soon, about two hours, Baidu will be able to include this blog post, and can reverse link to the site left behind. Almost every one will be able to include an article. This effect is really good, it is easy to Baidu spider lured to the site above.

but recently things have changed. Or in accordance with the above method of operation, but Baidu included is not so good, Bowen published almost no included. At that time very depressed, do not know where the problem is, and then tested it, sent two Bowen, one with a link address, one without. Without links, Bowen will soon be included, and there is no link to the collection.

, Baidu is really sick. Blog posts are beginning to block. How do you do it later,


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