Enterprise or personal website needs careful before revision

After the

site was finished, it wasn’t the case. Late more important: website promotion, website revision, marketing management and so on, among them, the website revision work is also a more important work, is also an inescapable work.

The specific reasons for the revision of

website are: the adjustment of website marketing strategy, the change of website operation direction and the change of customer service demand, etc. These are the impetus of website revision. After the website revision, may bring the anticipated effect and the profit to the website, especially the commercial website is especially important.

but the effect of the website revision not only has good effects, but also has some negative effects. For example: website users lost, search engine shielding, web content is similar, page design is unreasonable, etc., below I talk about the website revision needs to pay attention to several matters:

The choice of


website revision, including new revision and update, revision. The former will make a major change in the site architecture; the latter is based only on improvements that will not result in major architectural changes. Is it a new choice or a change on the original basis? This is a very important question. From the cost point of view, for a large number of small websites, maybe a new website will be more cost-effective. Famous websites don’t make any difference in cost. They can ignore the cost factor.

new copy old version content

might be aware of the problem, and the site will save old links and original files, which will be moved to a new directory or enabled a new two level domain name. But the new content tends to replicate the old content, creating new content similar to the old and new web sites in the search engines. Once this happens and gets into the line of sight of the search engine, it will be regarded as duplicate plagiarism, blocked or blocked.

different domain names, the same content

some websites have become a brand new website, all changed from the domain name to the website space, but the original website still exists. Although there is no update maintenance, but the content of the web is not deleted exist, so that the existence of multiple domain names, the possibility of replication, but also to the user interference, it is difficult to determine that the domain name represents the main site.

invalid page link address

when the new revision of the content is released, some of the original pages need to be deleted in time, otherwise it is easy to form the aforementioned duplicated web pages. Delete these pages, if not handled properly will also have a certain impact on the user access, because of being included in the search engine web search engine, database update requires a certain period of time, at least a few days, more than a few months. During this period, users can still see the original page when they search through the search engines. How to deal with invalid web site, the method is: do a prompt page 404 error information, and through the corresponding text, as far as possible to guide users to the new site, as far as possible less

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