Dry goods actual combat tells you how to make money on the ground

every friend in the webmaster circle has almost heard about Lu Songsong blog. I entered late, in 2012 came to the field to study in college, began to fumble into the webmaster circle, and then get to know loose brother blog.

was the earliest to learn all kinds of site building and optimization techniques and operation skills on his brother blog. After the sense of research for two years, started his own personal studio, and then graduated that year bought a car, opened a small company, Xiaodaxiaonao continue to dawdle.

however, those who were once very familiar with the webmaster, a turn back, seemingly gone. Now come to brother brother blog, many of them are strange friends, they are like us before, but also very pursuit, dreams.

, but I know a lot of people will leave. Dream again magnificent, you can not make money is useless. Because house prices are soaring and the cost of living is getting higher and higher, it’s the exclusive interest of the rich to do the same thing for a long time. I do not know why you enter this circle, anyway, I was in order to make money, for the three provinces from the junction of a small rural areas out of me, only efforts to make money in order to improve life.

so I just want to talk about some practical money making techniques from a personal point of view today.


what have I been relying on for the past few years,


affiliate advertising revenue,

may be a lot of friends see here, disdain to go away. They will say, do affiliate ads, this way has long been out of date, you still take this thing out to speak, Huyou people, right?

often have these ideas of people, most of them are not earn a few money adsense. They always want to find the most advanced profit channels, but do not know the actual money, this thing does not matter, new and practical.

almost everyone in China knows that the real estate industry is making money. But can you do that? Can you invest? There are so many ways to make money, you don’t have to spend too much time looking for it. The problem is, you have the ability and capital to operate? And have also not steadfast to improve life to earn hundreds of thousands.

many webmaster in the blog writing articles, often write some years into millions of millions of tutorials, these are very pit father thing. You see those articles a lot, right? Help you earn a few money? I am more pragmatic, so many people do not like, but I say to you, is to make sure you make money. Even if only hundreds of thousands of small money, at least it is real, not the kind of millions of millions of years into the empty dream.

want to see the webmaster friends, let’s keep on talking.


affiliate advertising still making money? I can responsibly tell you that it’s really not making money.


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