Analysis of the value and development of SNS website

SNS, the full name Social Networking Services, that is, social web services, refers to the Internet application services designed to help people build social networks. On the SNS service platform, people expand their connections on the basis of friends who know friends. These years, with MySpace, Facebook as the representative of the SNS website development is very rapid, a wide variety of applications that the SNS website is full of vigor, the number of SNS users are surprisingly rapid growth, the SNS has become a hot Internet application.

The core value of

SNS is

The core of the

SNS service is communication and feedback from friends, where users can make new friends and build a virtual community. Build such a community platform, can effectively enhance user stickiness, and let users gradually indulge in such a community. SNS’s greatest value lies in the user base, the more users, the more valuable the platform. If users like this platform, there may be a variety of ways to invite more new users to join, forming a snowball cycle of SNS development.

China’s SNS services are currently in a flood stage, in addition to some special SNS sites, almost all of the portal has increased the SNS related columns, with some of the functions of SNS. However, in addition to the portal, the ultimate success of the SNS site may scanty, primarily because SNS is exclusive, and it is very time consuming, it also determines the most of the users are concentrated in a certain SNS friends more, and usually not more than two SNS.

Another reason why

SNS is so popular, because the traditional IM (instant messaging) service providers did not attach too much importance to SNS, spend not much effort, although Tencent has a wide range of friends groups of users, but none of these users to good use, a Tencent to do previously surging it is rather baffling, after the QQ alumni also take closed principle, looks like Tencent do not want to develop as a user cannot read. If the Tencent can QZone completely revised, and become a universal SNS service, then the low-end SNS site will disappear in a short time, most of the users will be gathered on the Tencent’s SNS website. For white-collar workers, MSN is a natural exchange platform, also have a wide range of friends groups of users, but the MSN SNS website is very simple, even some of the basic functions are not, it also gives a similar happy net such white-collar SNS website a chance, so that they can develop rapidly.

domestic SNS website

domestic SNS services website is very large, in addition to the portal SNS and industry class SNS, the specialized SNS website competition is very fierce, of which the more successful is happy nets and so on.

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