Grassroots station operators can not be ignored in the site interaction with visitors

for grassroots Adsense, the word "grassroots webmaster" contains not only the Internet entrepreneurial dream, but also full of entrepreneurial road hardships. Grassroots webmaster is often very hard, they may need to complete a team of their own work required. Need to optimize the code, content editing, the construction of the chain, and so on. According to the author observed that many grassroots Adsense will work center all the tedious work, but ignore the interaction with the visitors to the site, the site after the stage or no improvement, luluwuwei. In fact, the interaction with visitors in the operation of the site is a key link can not be ignored. Missing this ring will cause the site to stagnate. Below the author for grassroots AdSense and visitors interactive question, share some of their views.

The interaction between

and visitors can lead to more creative thinking.

we know that people need communication. Without communication, your thinking is easy to limit. As a grass root webmaster, we also need other people to interact with each other, especially with our visitors. Interaction with visitors can effectively stimulate our thinking about website operations. In the process of interaction with visitors, you may realize that the real needs of visitors, perhaps a sudden inspiration, learn how to capture more innovative visitors. How deeply do visitors, cordial exchanges and interaction with our visitors, visitors will give you new ideas and inspiration, may let you life in some operational issues, key operation completely clear where. Because the purpose of our site is to serve visitors, after interacting with visitors, access to information from visitors is the most valuable data. Similarly, we know that as a grass root webmaster, work may be more boring, to join our active interaction with visitors, may also add more color to our boring work.

The interaction between

two and visitors makes visitors more active and active.

then as a webmaster how can we improve the visitor interaction efficiency? Many grassroots Adsense will use a tool, such as QQ chat tools, space, micro-blog and so on, these tools are effective interaction between the formation and visitors, especially to establish their own QQ group. As a webmaster if we persist in the QQ group and your visitors exchanges and communication, interactive atmosphere can bring the whole site platform, for a topic, a point of view, an industry or a trend, and guide our visitors to the site and discuss our attention. Guide our visitors to release information and respond to information, so that you can increase the site more original and meaningful content, enhance the overall viscosity of the site, and enhance the visitors experience of the forum. The interaction between visitors and, like the engine, let the site have the power to develop endless.

three, and the interaction with visitors, let us faster transfer of quasi profit model.

why a lot of grassroots webmaster will fail in the way of the webmaster, in fact, the biggest reason is from the profit problem. Many grassroots webmaster in the station!

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