A rookie webmaster twists and turns standing experience

has been doing websites for almost two years, with only a small success, and more of a poignant failure. I put my site to do detours and mistakes written out, hoping to some of the same as I do not have much experience and technical webmaster friends help.

is my first contact with the 06 network, then from a book to see the network can make money, so I have to start a blog. At that time all kinds of online free money making projects have basically done, what investigation, money, hang up money and so on, while some do earn money, but not enough money to pay the electricity. By 08 years, a classmate in high school did a novel website, the flow was very good, and made a lot of money. I have a heart, to the Internet to find a novel offer station free source code for the whole station, then spent three hundred yuan to buy a domain name space, with one yuan to buy space to send money to the CN domain name. In this way, a novel of its own is online. I don’t know anything about SEO, or even HTML code, and what I can do every day is to download a novel from someone else’s Web site and upload it to my web site. Half a month later, the site was included in Baidu, and every day there are 200IP. Included in the increasing number of traffic has also been rising, almost a month, the site traffic reached 1000IP, when the happy ah, think it is easy to do site, so easy to have 1000IP.

, but the fact is not so simple, after a few days Baidu update, the site included from 200 to 1000, while traffic has dropped from more than 1000 to 200. At that time really want to not understand, why included increased, flow back and decline. So go to the website to find the reason, to the webmaster group ask questions. At this time understand that the site is down right, ranking all gone. And go to find the site was down the right reasons, mainly read a few points: 1, the content of the website is not updated; 2, content is collected; 3, keyword density is too high. Analysis of their own updated every day, and every novel is uploaded by itself, so the biggest possibility is the keyword density is too high. Only then discovered that, has not made any revision to oneself under the template, each novel content page has appeared at least 9 novel names, in some places obvious keyword stack phenomenon, no wonder has been dropped the right. I removed the unnecessary keywords, and then insisted on updating them every day. As a result of the previous good rankings, I think as long as we stick to it, we will regain the weight. The insistence was three months before the site finally regained its weight, from the 300IP that had been kept up to more than 1000 and up to 3000IP in two weeks. This period of time should be the most happy period of time, every week Baidu update, traffic will rise. Since the original space can not support, I found a sharing server online, each month to pay 100 yuan space fee. The website also has 700 yuan of income every month, the money is not many, but to a student stationmaster, has satisfied my living expenses completely. Until >

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