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Lu Songsong in the latest blog article "new website" comments on how to do SEO optimization, has brought me more than the flow of Baidu! My blog traffic has been, I find the reasons from two aspects.

search from this aspect, the main server is not stable and the horse. This is the main reason! Before the stable period, when the flow of Baidu most I remember Liubaiduoyi reached about four hundred in normal days!! now only about ten of the Baidu! Not to flow from last March to the host space does not renew, take my space to delete nearly a month. I was on a business trip, the blog set for automatic release, so I did not find it, after this event, Google quickly restored to me, Sogou also slowly restored. Sohu did not have much traffic, although included a lot, may be Sogou users less, must also return to the previous. Youdao and other search has not given me traffic. Is this search and Baidu, and so far has not been restored to me!


! I also think the search traffic is not reliable! We need him, but we cannot count them!! they are said to stay away from their master! Do not know exactly how the algorithm? We accidentally by them to K. There’s no room for negotiation,


from the website optimization this aspect, as I said in the latest article "Lu Songsong’s new website how to do SEO optimization" on the comments, I do not know what is optimal! Except in the chain that is the site of the original writing! I do within the chain is intended to facilitate the reader to find the content they are interested in. The other hand I don’t understand, there is no time to study! My concern is how to write original, write the article! How to blog construction to become your own personal homepage! Personal brand, write in line with the theme of the article


in optimization, I also often do some outside the chain. The main stay in the independent blog of this piece, did not go to the forum, know, ask, and other places, I think those places can bring some traffic, but it takes time to operate. I personally think, sometimes it is not worth the loss! Spend a lot of time, get only a bit of traffic flow, some temporary flow. I think of a website or independent blog, need is loyal users forever! In our website, blog, they can find what they want, but every time there’s something new, space stability, long existing site. Rather than a hodgepodge! To flow and make a hodgepodge of! Like my blog, every day at least fixed users around thirty, basically every day! Even if it is not space, I think they are in search of A. As soon as the space opened, he came. We can know this by statistics. You know that. This is our website users need! My blog every time is black, horse, and the last was taking after removing the blog space just an on-line, these loyal customers have returned from the first! "

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