‘m so tired sometimes even want to work in the fields

flash, playing computer already three or four years. Play computer being drilled many dead end. Trying to find some can walk the path station, also do a lot of, can not continue. In addition to several garbage that several stations suspended in midair, do not know what is left. In the eyes of others, it seems that people who live on the Internet are too relaxed, every day to open the computer, access to the Internet is enough,.

although the income has been hungry, can not die, relative to the investment and that once in front of the world dream is a lot worse. Into the Internet, just tired of secular life and hypocrisy. Always believe that when you give, you will get it. But if God does not exist, or why not see pay and sad recently I silently, always felt in the overdraft life, take their own body to make bets. Results out of their mouth every day without smoke, because in front of the computer, really boring. Often at night can’t sleep sleep problems in psychology, fast speed, and quiet, no one disturb. During the day to sleep until the afternoon, but helpless have to go to work. And then have a meal at night and stay up all night like a madman,.

I’ve been feeling a bit nervous. Perhaps it should be like this. My friends said so. Many times, do not touch the computer. Thinking about the cruel not to pay attention to their own website, not to pay attention not to IP site…… can leave half an hour, you feel depressed. I feel like lost my whole life. However, open the computer, in addition to update the site, find the link sometimes do not know what to do. Really pathetic. Many friends are envious of me, I see every day is not busy tired, think there are a few million in revenue each month, but they can’t see me to eat instant noodles every day the day of the helpless and sad and even just care their own food and shelter.

do not know why, this year has been going forward, looking for a traditional industry, do business entities, get rid of status. Maybe give up give up love to find a common site where to go to work, life will be enriched. Maybe, early should try it. The last two weeks, bad things too much, extortion no, I surrender, in exchange for the loss of more than ten thousand yuan.

is constantly being harassed, but to change the room, completely not afraid, 2G hard, but also raise too much expenditure. Wholeheartedly engage in a new station, traffic has been closed, the Baidu, Baidu * * * than me! I just shameless! A small station optimization as for the letter,?! will seal it, also closed the main domain! So chill!

Road, in the end how to go down? God knows! Tired. Download station closed, music station sold, entertainment station was sealed, new station planning, blog station just to send an article, with a foreign company…

I want to go home and cultivate the land. Take a cigarette and go to bed. It’s another century that you really want to wake up.

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