Shanghai Longfeng beginners learn step of four stability follow this idea

learning: why to study Shanghai dragon

before the study of Shanghai dragon, you can ask yourself why you want to learn Shanghai dragon? Especially for beginners or never had contact with Shanghai dragon friends, must first be clear what is the significance of Shanghai dragon? What is Shanghai dragon is what keywords?? what is the original and pseudo original what? Is the URL link and the reverse link? What is called a dead link website? And what is the sandbox effect? What is called a web 301 redirect? What I more is not to point out, slowly understand, he will have nothing to. In our study the way Shanghai dragon in the process, these unknown "essential?". None of these "?", how do you know what is the Shanghai dragon?? right? So to understand so many Shanghai based Phoenix after appropriate can see some of the better Shanghai dragon website, you can learn a lot from Shanghai, you can go to learn about the Dragon why, personal feel yes, in the home there is a lot of knowledge to explain in Shanghai dragon. In understanding the basis of Shanghai Longfeng later on to the next step. read more

Teach you how to do outside the chain of e books

;Wikipedia Conclusion: We determined the

2. is the most difficult to pass the audit, and the editors accustomed to Chinese. Wikipedia reference links must be authoritative website, or basic is unable to pass, and the site layout, speed, editing format for domestic hard habit, we do not recommend editing, The loss outweighs the gain.;

1. Interactive Encyclopedia most likely, almost no difficulty, but the Interactive Encyclopedia chain is not working, love Shanghai is crawling to

3. love Shanghai Encyclopedia of moderate difficulty, and now the reference link is the anchor text link, the keywords ranking the most helpful, as long as the control of each site every day issued the number and distribution of frequency and editing skills, not difficult to pass, is the chain of good payment; < / p> read more

Share page level Shanghai dragon tips three

An article in

today to share three tips page Shanghai Longfeng, page loading speed, speak out what the website structure may be more abstract, unable to take direct practice, do not say, we can speak a little bit to use something, but immediately, the specific operation will depend on individual.

are divided into primary and secondary, so a page is certainly a subject of the major label H1 tag structure words label is used to distinguish primary and secondary web content, through the H1 label can be page structure more clear, so that search engines can better determine the content of a page, the main keywords by strong etc. the label to emphasize the operation well, you can get a good score in the eyes of the search engines, but should not be abused. read more

Search engine marketing strategy on how to optimize the enterprise website promotion


Optimization promotion Keywords

at present, the use of search engines for enterprises to promote the case but there are many enterprises meet the eye everywhere, and didn’t take the use of the search engine marketing strategy, optimization and promotion can not be effectively carried out the enterprise website. In this paper, focus on how to use search engine to optimize the enterprise website promotion and marketing.

The advantages of

two, Shanghai DragonShanghai dragon

2, part of the keyword bidding difficulty, generally as long as pay, we can achieve the keywords ranking; read more

The content of the website construction of industry layout

A5 wrote 3 articles on the website construction industry articles, respectively is "industry website construction", "keyword layout industry website construction documents", "industry layout construction site outside chain layout". Maybe you just shrug it off, just thought it was all in order to promote your site to write the frivolous, soft surface. In fact, because this is my actual work summary. You can also go to the work site the results of my analysis. Dong’ou valve network launched in March 18, 2012, to have a month today, the second snapshot, sometimes on the same day, some time is 24 hours, more than 100 of the index word is ranked 123. Well, today to share with you, the content of how we are doing. read more

Talk about the novice to do when the mentality of Shanghai Dragon

first of all, from the site at the beginning of the establishment, need to have some programs to choose from, often FTP will not use, do not know how to upload the program, open source program modification, it is easy to let people upset gas impatient, give up a website, a real case, my brother wants to be a website, not upload procedures, finally I helped him to upload the program, now the site also can also be done a few days ago, my brother and chat, he said, if I give him the upload process, he will continue to do so. read more

Shanghai Longfeng chain construction principle heavy weight

in order to look for the chain resources, a lot of friends love of others sites, see people outside of the chain where is, and then he also went to their release site outside the chain, although successful, but found that the site with the increase of the chain of garbage, the weight gradually decreased, leading to the late site included large drop personally, when a website is not management, easy to start the chain, we should resolutely not to, in order to meet a little desire to own, only a few, then throw the website to know more lax management, more easy to do outside the chain site. Is the worse the quality of death and faster website. read more

What advertising alliance

on the other domestic advertising alliance. I have applied for the 114 alliance, alliance achievement… And so on a lot of advertising alliance on the website launched their ads, total payment time, remember to give me the best impression is 114 of the league, in December 31st of that year my account inside 10 Fen left to me. But many smaller advertising provides advertising was relatively small, and there is a great difference in many types of advertising and their site types, finally had to give up the small advertising alliance. read more

This is the key of enterprise station optimization

Why? All people are asking questions.

answer is wrong.

is the first problem, optimization of the keywords you choose right?

make a simple analogy, I do now is an environmentally friendly company sewage treatment equipment in the station, drawn up by the boss finalized keywords, keywords is (sewage treatment equipment), optimization of personnel to work overtime, content, a chain, a chain operation, a few months later, the ranking is still elusive, the transformation is impossible.

So why

sewage treatment equipment is not it? The main products of the company’s sewage treatment equipment, why not take this word to do read more

Excellent website webmaster tools recommended trans query

by comparing two graphs, the more the biggest difference is that the new version of the content is mainly added a "page chain query" and this is the biggest bright spot. Now the chain can do is 2, first is the home station outside the chain of high quality, the old version of love is to meet you on the analysis of anti chain home. The second is the page description text links, this is a general anti chain query tool easy to ignore, but it is now a common chain increase channel.

used in the industry is the most commonly used YAHOO chain query tool, can query the number outside the chain site a site specific. But behind the YAHOO chain query tool to stop using, and the YAHOO chain query tool details function is relatively simple, simply put all the chain has no specific query, query keywords chain number and sorting and other functions. read more