Garbage station feeling persistence is victory

station has been more than two years, the site has been in a half-dead state, for the record of the turmoil was shut down for 1 months, has not how to management, but still let him there, because I believe there is a chance, just as people have the opportunity to live, an active garbage station may make a lot of money for me, this is very possible oh, we dump from day IP less than the previous 20 day break through IP now more than 500, while in the eyes of many people still look very small, I also feel less, but at the moment is also achieved a breakthrough, of course there is a long road ahead, we will continue to work hard. read more

Grassroots webmaster if you do a classified information station

with the growing demand for advertising, classified information stations are becoming more and more fire, and do more and more people. At present, the domestic classified information stations have go to market nets, people nets, etc., but for our grassroots webmaster, it is impossible to make so big at once, if you start from a small station,


I think we can proceed from the following points: take the Guangzhou territory as an example to illustrate:

1, information localization as a breakthrough, a little developed cities, many people need to find a house, rent a house, find a job, classified information stations can take this as a breakthrough, focusing on the release of rental information. read more

LOGO site planning of the silver key website promotion of gold signs

After a long period of mental arrangement and planning,

finally decided to start the construction of the network. The first step to starting the site is definitely positioning me on the design of the site LOGO, which has just been finalized. This step to come, too deep, and share with you.

first, the core of all my experience is "LOGO: the silver key of website planning, the golden signboard of website promotion"". The experience comes from what I understand about the importance of LOGO to a website. read more

Luo Qi how to break the bottleneck of the development of occupation of network editing

network, the network editor, web content builder, through the information network collection, classification, editing, review, and then released to the worldwide Internet users through the Internet, and through the network from Internet users receive feedback information, interact. Network editor, related professional knowledge and modern information technology, such as computer and network, engaged in the construction of Internet website content, responsible for website news professionalism, quality and browsing (UV and PV). Network editor as a new occupation of the Internet era, for the first time in 2006 was included in the national occupation ceremony, according to statistics, at present our country is engaged in the network editing staff has reached 3 million people, far more than the number of traditional media editorial of the newspaper, but also increase Everfount. read more

Baidu has begun blocking blog posts with links

site SEO, in order to get a good ranking, the chain is very important factor. SeoER do the chain is one of the essential work. The construction of external links, links exchange, to join the open directory, BBS post, write blog articles, with links, addresses and so on. And in the weight website to apply for blog, write with links Bowen is very effective method.

I apply for several Sina blogs (the highest weight of Sina blog), send a few articles every day on the website, and then indicate at the bottom of the article, the article from what website, leave a link address. Soon, about two hours, Baidu will be able to include this blog post, and can reverse link to the site left behind. Almost every one will be able to include an article. This effect is really good, it is easy to Baidu spider lured to the site above. read more