Share page level Shanghai dragon tips three

An article in today to share three tips page Shanghai Longfeng, page loading speed, speak out what the website structure may be more abstract, unable to take direct practice, do not say, we can speak a little bit to use something, but immediately, the specific operation will depend on individual. are divided into primary and […]

What is inside the URL standardization process

between words. secondsWebsite optimization solutions in 2015 the most useful website right down, K, being black, being attacked website right down topics: , three layer ! six, Shanghai Longfeng topics recommended: five, all lowercase letters four, includingKeywords URL no more than 1000 letters, that can be included, but if hundreds of letters really if the […]

New year’s promotionsLiang Jianzhang price war, the fight must hit, with profits for the market is w

1 precise orientation · region orientation pinpoint location to province, analyze the location of Internet users through IP address, assign advertising in designated area. The same page, different city visitors open, will show different ads, direct locking target groups, is conducive to reduce advertising costs · time orientation select prime time for ad placement, including […]

How to build your own website team

has never thought of having a team of his own, whether working or doing a website, I have no experience in building a team. Since the construction of the "Jieyang home life" to the network, keenly aware of the process from scratch, which to me, is indeed an important experience! So my team is how […]

Advertisers drop back meaning video site test

Zhang Zhaoyang and Lv Wensheng Sohu excited net in Shanghai only once, hit it off to plan the national 110 party copyright "anti piracy alliance", and launched a 100 million yuan price action on the video site Youku drama. The first reaction to the drama is likely to be the advertiser and the Internet video […]

Make your website your own sideline

according to my observation and understanding, the individual webmaster who chooses the website to start a business is most of the young people who have just graduated or are still on campus. Not yet own career, but want to have their own career, or out of interest, chose to do a web site to start […]