New film station optimization experience

some time ago because the girlfriend after some TVB TV series, so to find a lot of free movies, see a lot of movie resources are the major video sites, then why not do the germination of a movie idea, just do it, immediately under a Marx movie CMS program one, to the space, with their own names before buying would be a movie station, then started looking for resources, but a few days later, did not see what traffic, ask some friends understand to ask about how to increase the flow, they said to do SEO, but I don’t understand. Again, continue to ask, and they say to do some good words, they said yunliwuli, said a long time I did not understand, and settle a matter by leaving it unsettled… read more

My web host dream

originally this article is to wait until after the success of writing, because that really has influence, but also more valuable. But why now write? Because Admin5 webmaster such a chance, two is for ring network landlord recruiting a marketing, the most important thing is to kick myself, let oneself no retreat, this is a public commitment. Just like teacher Chen Anzhi’s "no streaking" principle. In fact, the ring network has reached a very critical moment, for the webmaster, I do not have any reason to retreat. read more

Education and training website Guide content strategy chapter

the so-called education training website refers to the website which provides educational information or training course information. At present, there are some fairly successful websites in this industry. Because the profession of the profession is not so strong, this kind of website is also the type of station that the small and medium-sized network company and personal stationmaster often choose. A website operation direction but such content construction site is also difficult, this is because for educational websites like of questions over the years or a class enrollment information information, the major sites are cited, belong to a high degree of non repetition of original content, and the experience of relative professional to professional the coaching staff to write; and for the training site, the same presentation and course information of a training institution may be released in many training and education website classification information website, non original content that is repeated in a high degree. Well, for education and training sites, if you provide quality content, and how to do a good job in content construction?. read more

Analysis of how to use micro blog to brand building online shop


fast communication function for many professional marketing personnel, some time ago, Zhao Zhenzhi be struck dumb, dispute, micro-blog played a role, and even a lot of famous movie stars have to shut down micro-blog, this is due to the rapid spread of micro-blog’s share of a lot of people did not expect, eventually because of their own in the comments on the error, cause to take the initiative to close the micro-blog Public clamor can melt metals., facing the embarrassment of

! read more

A brief discussion on the operation of regional forums in the context of O2O

since 2000, the forum as a form of Internet, it carries China around the Internet users to obtain the corresponding network information, information dissemination, information exchange and other actions, the development until now, although China Internet forum users and activity from the overall perspective are not as good as before, but China still has a regional Development Forum good, such as broadband mountain forum, Xicihutong, Tianfu community etc.. With the advent of O2O era and 2013 hot background, regional forums as closer to the local potential consumers than the portal website and other sites, is bound to change with the O2O tide of the operational aspects of the forum, have a greater chance of profit practice. Below the author on the O2O background Regional Forum operation, expounds some personal views. read more