Some ways to increase web traffic quickly

Every in the site webmaster want to site daily flow can tend to infinity, but often do not get the results you want, so there is a method of site traffic increase every kind of, the following cheats is issued through real and effective practice, the webmaster can borrow and carry forward! 1, domain name […]

Google Adwords bid optimization experience sharing

Adwords optimization, if you write advertising excluded, I think the most important, the simplest, but also the most effective way is to bid. if you want to get good quality points, good advertising results, the most important experience I get is the high price at the beginning. if a keyword you have is 2 dollars, […]

Analysis and comparison of BITAUTO love card network

research background automotive website is a large flow of Web site direction, general PV traffic is very high. currently has two types, one is for the portal site sub channels appear, one is as an independent website, appear as the sub channel is often some of the big portal, a type of car subdivision independent […]