Barcelona conquers Europe Barca 2724 Ciudad Real

← Previous Story Tonight 18:00 F4 Final: Ciudad Real – Barcelona! Next Story → Spanish domination of Europe! Barcelona is the new Champion of Europe. They have beat Ciudad Real in the final with 27-24, as Danijel Saric played a brilliant match and was deservedly the man of the match. This will be their 8th title, and now they seem pretty unreachable in near future for anyone else.The Catalans went strong into the first half and took an early lead 2-0, but that was just a motivation more for Ciudad Real to fight back, and in the 6th minute the turned the score round, taking a 3-2 lead. In the 11th minute another score change, as Barcelona scores through Garcia, for 5-4. A goal-for-goal is played, and Barcelona still has a 1 goal lead at the 20th minute, 10-9. Barcelona re-takes a 2 goal lead, as Danijel Saric scores an amazing goal from his own goal line, surprising Hombrados who was a bit out of his box, and the score at the 25th minute is 12-10 for the Catalans. Danijel Saric continues to make miracles on the goal, and 30 seconds before the end Barcelona calls for a timeout, as the “Kings” are losing 14-10, and that is the result at the halftime break.Barcelona started the second half perfectly, playing at their best, stopping Ciudad’s attacks, and scoring from their opportunities, and this gave them a huge 6 goals lead at the 40th minute, 19-13. In the 43rd minute Albert Rocas scores a penalty, and Barcelona takes their biggest lead ever in this game, 21-14. After being kept at the bench the first 14 mins, Lazarov enters and immediately makes the result closer, 22-18 in the 49th minute. Garcia scores what seems the match decisive goal in the 53rd minute, Barcelona taking a huge 26-19 lead, a 7 goals lead with 7 minutes until the end seemed impossible feat for Ciudad Real. Barcelona didn’t allow any surprise until the end, and routinely won their record 8th Champions League title, finishing the match with 27-24. read more