Spain loses the decisive doubles and stays at the gates of the ATP Cup title

first_imgNadal saved two ‘break’ balls in the fifth game, but did not prevent the seventh from falling from the rival side (5-2). In white, Djokovic closed the first sleeve in his favor and involuntarily gave a touch of attention to the Balearic, who had to climb steps of intensity in search of the comeback.Accustomed to many battles of such caliber, Nadal interpreted it to solve without burden every shift of his own service. Opposite, the Belgrade player did the same until he reached the sixth game, when he lifted five break balls to an already emboldened opponent.Soon after, the tables changed and it was Nadal who prevented Djokovic from breaking with 5-5 and 15-40. A lot of talent was seen by both of them, and the stands were grateful that the set needed a sudden death. The Balkan flopped then, although he recovered the cadence in the blow and devastated especially with his setbacks, initiating the 7-4 in said ‘tie-break’.Baptist opened a fruitless path But before the intense fight between the two best tennis players of the ATP circuit, Roberto Bautista had given Spain his first smile at breakfast time. In a state of grace, the Spaniard showed that his current condition of number 10 is no bluff.Lajovic, with the support of the stands, showed his best version in the inaugural set. He was able to overcome a bad start, where the right-wing blows made by his rival were devastating. Bautista placed 2-0 and 40-0 up, when then his opponent woke up to save a very dangerous ball from the bottom of the track.Despite finally giving up that game (3-0), the Balkan had already entered the job. And he showed it by assigning his subsequent service blank, scoring with difficulty his next serve and breaking in half the Baptist serve (3-3).Having saved two ‘break’ opportunities, Lajovic did not want the first game of the grand final to escape so quickly. He even came out unharmed from a 4-3 down and 30-40 with his duty shift, which maintained equality and led the set to sudden death.However, the Spaniard pressed the accelerator in the twelfth game and took advantage of his first option to break when he was 15-40, to certify 7-5 and start with confidence the second round. And there came the fuel of the Serbian, who was overwhelmed immediately.Bautista aimed his first two shifts at the serve in white, breaking another two of his opponent and thereby achieving a broad 4-0 lead. Desperately, Lajovic connected a pair of accurate drives and consumed a break that extended an exchange of balls with obvious Spanish color.The Castellón de la Plana continued with his versatility and broke again (5-1), consolidating such a situation to put the final 6-1 and track what would be a new success of Spanish tennis. Nadal’s stumble against Djokovic can still be amended with a doubles victory. Serbian tennis player Novak Djokovic and his compatriot Viktor Troicki beat Feliciano López and Pablo Carreño on Sunday 6-3 and 6-4, thus preventing Spain from winning the ATP Cup title, whose final played in Sydney (Australia) vibrated with The Balkan comeback.On the track of the Ken Rosewall Arena, inside the Sydney Olympic Park, Djokovic became the great protagonist. After Roberto Bautista from Castellón had beaten Dusan Lajovic 7-5 and 6-1, Balearic Rafael Nadal could not finish off the job and succumbed 6-2 and 7-6 (4) against a Djokovic for sublime moments.Thus, Nadal was overcome after a duel of quality and that lasted 1 hour and 56 minutes. The balance at that point had been balanced, so the encounter of doubles would serve as a climax. At a press conference, the Manacorense tennis player confirmed his tiredness and caused the duo for the final fight to be the one composed by López and Carreño.Both had beaten Australia’s Chris Guccione and John Peers last Saturday during the semifinals, but this time the ‘movie’ was different. Djokovic persisted in his dizzying game and to top it all dragged his companion Troicki towards his good dynamics.The comeback, thanks to Djokovic The defeat of Lajovic had left the survival of the Serbian team in the hands of Djokovic, who has an added value in his idyll with the tracks ‘aussies’. Their great seasons usually start very early every year, always opting for the Melbourne crown to scare from the first ‘Grand Slam’.So it was hardly surprising that, to begin its journey in this new and novel final, ‘Nole’ broke the first turn of the opposite serve. Almost 10 minutes of play took Manacor to yield 1-0, a set that consolidated the Balkan immediately to take the lead (3-1) and continue to disturb the rest. Djokovic works the comeback after winning Nadal and then in the doublescenter_img Image: Reuterslast_img read more

The Promising Plot Potential of Predator

first_imgStay on target Terrifying ‘Death Roll’ Almost Universal Among Crocodile SpeciesRare Images of Spiders Devouring Frogs, Lizards, and Small Mammals While its later sequels have disappointed, to say the least, the original Alien movies are great, especially the first one. They’re legitimate cinematic sci-fi masterpieces, exploring new ideas like the future of the working class, the horror of the cosmic unknown, and the monstrous side of unwanted pregnancy. They’re art.Meanwhile, Predator, the series that deservedly or not is now tied to Alien at the hip, is a lot of dumb fun. It’s one of the better Schwarzenegger movies. Doing Vietnam but instead, the Americans are the outgunned primitives is a cheeky reversal. And while they aren’t dripping with the surreal psycho-sexuality of H.R. Giger’s Xenomorph design, the Predator itself is a really rad and iconic sci-fi monster. Predator is dumb, inarguably much dumber than Alien, but it’s a charming kind of dumb, and it’s a kind of dumb I’m more excited to see expanded in future films, like The Predator in theaters this weekend.The moment I realized the Predator franchise’s potential for gloriously stupid lore was when I watched Predator 2 for the first time. Don’t get me wrong. Despite, some underappreciated work from Danny Glover, 1990’s Predator 2 is a bad movie. But it’s a frustrating bad movie because its premise had such promise. Instead of stalking soldiers in the jungle, an invisible alien hunter stalks gangsters (who also have dreadlocks) and befuddled cops in the far-flung future of 1997 Los Angeles summertime. How great and thematically loaded does that sound?Again, Predator 2 is a bad movie, dumb in all the wrong ways. It’s even the film origin of the Alien vs. Predator nonsense (which truly began in a Dark Horse comic) thanks to a Xenomorph skull in a throwaway trophy room shot. But just imagining the possibilities of what a simple change in setting can do for Predator had my mind racing. If the franchise was willing to change itself so substantially, what would the next (hopefully more successful) film look like?In 2010 we got our answer with the Robert Rodriguez-produced Predators, the third standalone Predator film. And it’s pretty good! Although technically set on an alien jungle, the environment is much closer to the original film. The plural title may suggest an Aliens-style expansion, but the scope is pretty contained. Two rival Predator tribes fight over human prey. Along with some Predator-on-Predator action, this also gives us a tantalizing glimpse into Predator culture. The “good” Predators are the classic designs while the villains are new, young, scarier “Berserker” Predators. Predator millennials, basically.Overall Predators is a pretty safe legacy sequel that tries to give audiences more of what they want, a smart if boring move after the failure of the more conceptually ambitious Predator 2. But the best thing the movie has going for it is its unconventional cast. While the characters are all hardened, morally murky, warrior badasses like in the original film, the actors themselves are not necessarily the folks you’d expect for those roles. Instead of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Carl Weathers, we have Adrien Brody, Topher Grace, Alice Braga, Walton Goggins, and Mahershala Ali. It gives the movie a strange almost arthouse energy that’s really compelling.The next Predator film, simply called The Predator, is out basically now, and I’m pretty stoked. One, it’s written and directed by the legendary Shane Black, the man who gave us Lethal Weapon and The Nice Guys and Iron Man 3. He even acted in the original 1987 Predator. Like Predators, The Predator has a really intriguing battle-ready cast including Boyd Holbrook, Olivia Munn, Trevante Rhodes, Keegan-Michael Key, Sterling K. Brown, Jacob Tremblay, Alfie Allen, and Thomas Jane.But the most exciting part of The Predator to me is also potentially the dumbest. Previous Predator movies made vague allusions to prior films. Characters recalled unconfirmed alien attacks in the jungle or something. But in The Predator Gary Busey’s son Jake Busey plays the son of Gary Busey’s character in Predator 2. That direct continuity is so dumb it’s fantastic.That’s precisely the kind of dumbness we need more of from this series. Build upon that dumb lore. For all of their problems, this is where the Alien vs. Predator video games and novels and crossover comics and movies really shine. For example, did you know the correct name for Predators is “Yautja”? What else do we not know about them and their stupid culture? Do those dreads serve any purpose? Why do they mockingly laugh like that? What do Predators who aren’t hunters look like? Do Predator doctors and business people even exist? Is hunting all Predators do for pleasure?No one actually needs to know the answers to these questions. Some of them are probably even already out there. But unlike with Alien: Covenant where over-explaining the mythology cheapens the original art, there’s nothing really to ruin with Predator. It’s already dumb, so go nuts! And if you accidentally making something truly profound with this care-free approach, then even better. In AVP, Sanaa Lathan becomes an honorary Predator after helping them hunt an Alien on a pyramid or something. In AVP: Requiem, an old retired Predator hunts an Alien-Predator in a small town. Just throw more stuff at the wall!The Transformers franchise is similarly low-stakes/high potential artistic reward when it comes to fun narrative. You’re not going to make worse movies than the ones you’re already making. So why not experiment, toss out the humans, and explore life on Cybertron? I would kill for a Predator protagonist with just half as much characterization as Optimus Prime. They would make such great anti-heroes. Heck, Fox is already down with creating excellent sci-fi movies starring non-human characters in the Planet of the Apes reboot. Get Andy Serkis to play a Predator!For some reason, Fox wants to let Ridley Scott make like a half-dozen more pointless Alien prequels. But I say the studio is focusing on the wrong sci-fi monster. If there’s one franchise that’d benefit from a dumb, bloated cinematic universe, it’s Predator.Check out the Predator Triple Pack on Blu-ray!View as: One Page Slides1/51. Predator 2 squandered a lot of amazing potential.2. The world needs more weird and dumb Predator content.3. While the Alien franchise inarguably has more artistic merit, it’s now joined at the hip with Predator.4. Predators! Yautja! They’re great!5. Hopefully Shane Black can deliver the Predator movie we’ve all been waiting for. Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.last_img read more