The user behavior is how to affect the keywords ranking

we often see a lot of formal words, ranking in the home, often see some sites, not what the chain, also a few related domain, it is very few, even some is only included a home page, but the ranking is very good, a lot of the chain, and included many tens of thousands of times the relevant domain the site than this station, just behind the station, this is what happens? Is it really like we said, love Shanghai own "convulsions"? If you fall in love with the sea really often "ventilation". read more

The webmaster should avoid the website optimization of three types of errors

useful?First we look at the

website optimization error second: desperately for website chain. Before we do the optimization often refers to a word: content is king, the chain for the emperor. But this sentence in the still available? Many owners can not find the station do accurate method, collecting a large number of forums, Post Bar portal, the release of the chain, but the station if you thought you published more quickly, the webmaster delete faster. Such a web site outside of the chain after the search engine spider has been deleted, for a long time it will cause immeasurable loss to the website, so why do you still desperately outside the chain? The real construction of the chain is not let you do one day in the computer next to a steady stream of hair, but to through the reasonable methods to build, such as we can through the forum to build a knowledge sharing chain, the analysis can use Internet articles; we also can establish their own Sina blog to the construction site outside the chain; now there is love, so reasonable haven library Douding channel construction site outside the chain. Instead of letting you hard every day in your own collection of free forum, Post Bar and so on to release the chain, so that the release of the chain when death rather than rescue site. read more

The rational use of resources is to promote the shortcut to love Shanghai

resources to love Shanghai

love Shanghai resources including

, a Shanghai love Encyclopedia

not only for their own website provides a permanent keyword ranking, but also provides a strong basis for the website of the product.

Shanghai, Shanghai Post Bar

advantages: 1, even if your site has not been included or not is also ranked in front, Wikipedia can replace all the chain, because the general love Shanghai encyclopedia rankings will be at the top when love Shanghai search; 2, a lot of people to determine whether a brand is a real time because there is no Encyclopedia under the judge. read more

The hidden H1 label will impact to the Shanghai Dragon

From here you can see that the Sina

familiar with the HTML code that people know H1 the label, H1 label will be hidden in the sea as cheating, this problem has plagued the webmaster. Love Shanghai, there is no authoritative standard network answer, but imagine if connected to a corporate Web site list, if coupled with a H1 tag, not only affects the appearance of the customer will have opinions. So the following Xiamen Shanghai dragon station combined with the mainstream H1 label use, do summary: read more

Website optimization how to keep the user skills

keep the user skills two

to retain users. We all know that the Tencent recently out of a WeChat software is very fire, a lot of people download and use, but also very provincial traffic, basically not what traffic, so get a crowd of friends of all ages. We use this opportunity to retain the user can use the site above, how to use it is very simple, we only need to apply for a WeChat account can be used, and then apply for a public account, then obtain the two-dimensional code of public accounts, in the two-dimensional code on the site above to go, so people who are interested in it. read more

Website title set the symbol you use before

forum also Pingshan set up such symbols, but he is the ranking of the first page (now changed to the "-" sign).

hard pure original, by Huamei starting 贵族宝贝nhhmzx贵族宝贝/ please indicate the source, more opinions and suggestions, welcome predecessors Bozhuan message.


?In this paper, ? This is the

obviously, "-" symbol is dedicated to love Shanghai. But when I made this conclusion, the accidental discovery of such an article:

is very strange, and Google can do 360 seconds, but the love of Shanghai, the ten day, the home is not always included! This is not with such a delimiter for read more

The only star class video enjoyment Samsung video products big indulgence Because of poverty they

has the opportunity to live in tree houses, castles, yachts, haunted houses……

, today about the

is the two art Qiong Xue home Sheng

we spent less money on our trip,

it is also a successful example of the global shared economy

Airbnb founder, CEO

Abstract: the company, the founder of the original life is embarrassed "three noes man", or Internet technology "layman", but from three mattresses started, became a billionaire. The company is now a hot Airbnb. read more

New year’s promotionsLiang Jianzhang price war the fight must hit with profits for the market is w

1 precise orientation
· region orientation pinpoint location to province, analyze the location of Internet users through IP address, assign advertising in designated area. The same page, different city visitors open, will show different ads, direct locking target groups, is conducive to reduce advertising costs
· time orientation select prime time for ad placement, including week orientation >

so I didn’t seem to have any worries or challenges at that time. I think life should also challenge something else, such as academic research, academic research read more

Under the financial crisis the exchange chain has fulfilled my dreamKingsoft WPS12 4 and December

that’s what I’m doing on my website every day

wants to join the Admin5 League channel, please contact

Adsense network alliance information release group: 2360256

then thought about it for a few days and decided to do it himself. Then he asked the friends in the group. Said that the investment is large, at least more than 30 thousand, very basic prices, they say, mainly the program and server investment is relatively large.

later in the land there asked under his deeds, that is to do N multi graph king image station started, so I have to do to feel this picture stand, for I said simple, later in the A5 and find a few pictures of this article do read, like a friend. An article called " make your website a month over a million about iP " is the name of it, for a long time, also remember, that is the content of the article, I do a photo station, then go to several exchange chain exchange content, then go to promotion. Then I will follow, the effect is really good, do 2 months although not million, but there are also more than 3000 IP, placed 1 pop and GG advertising GG is a hot spot before the webmaster trading circle of big brother sent me, thank you very much for him, a have some income. read more

Capital winter Vientiane the golden age of entrepreneursTaobao guest station how to make money the


relies on the API link to make money Taobao station long, but also because of the June sh419 K station has no improvement, the website IP continuously dropped, the original IP down to tens of thousands of tens of thousands of income, the original, now even hundreds of income are not, and some zero income every day.

Celia, who is wandering around the street, has now gone through the formalities of leaving the office. It is only because the eaves products are not on the line that they die. Before the team officially dissolved, she sat down with her partner to discuss why she failed. read more