How to maintain the consistency of visual design of commodity websites

‘s consistency in design (uniformity) is an important part of web design that allows your design to communicate effectively without causing confusion or anxiety. An effective way to ensure consistency is to write formal design style standards documents, commonly known as visual specifications. This document specifies the design guidelines that must be followed in the graphical user interface design of a product or series of products. By following these guidelines, keeping the visual elements in the same size and size will help make these elements easier to assemble into a new design when you need them. read more

How to build your career on the nternet 2

we’ve made an outline here, and the next thing we’re going to talk about is what’s going on around the outline. What we’re going to talk about today is how the website is conceived.

we know that a career is to have a goal, not blindly recklessly, like the 9A webmaster Wangzhuan, its goal is for the majority of owners has more money making ideas, 9A webmaster Wangzhuan can express their slogan is: to learn as A5, for the station service. Build a website, advance planning is very important, I here plan does not allow you to write the business plan, at least I think it is not what help for a personal webmaster, you have to do is to calm down and imagine, why should I build the station, I built the site is what or what to originality, than the similar website is excellent, can attract users, how to realize the profit after the establishment of the website, we all know the website promotion largely determines the success or failure of this website, you have not thought about how to promote the website? About the idea of the website, in memory, I sent this article on A5, in order to more people can learn, I say here again: read more

Do B2B industry website homepage design establish good first impression

11 sections in this report in front of, I have B2B industry website page design into one element, with each color, navigation bar, title bar, content, advertising design, buttons, etc. from the search box frame, to do a systematic explanation. This section, I will from the overall point of view of the B2B industry portal home page design to do some narrative, to explain the different design elements applied to the home note. The general design method of 11 sections in the above already mentioned, will not repeat them here, readers want to know if the design method of each element in more detail, to see this report in front of 11 sections. read more

Compare the differences between GVOD and QVOD

know why QVOD fire, 1: can quickly make the film deposition of resources and realizing rapid watch 2: no competition risk 3: a lot of ethical resources for the use of its products website (direct point that is A) which is the most important point.

today to see GVOD looking for propagandist I joined the GVOD station, I suddenly thought, also talked about this and propagandist and QVOD competition method.

GVOD this waste most of the time with the staff to pull the webmaster to join, is actually not much effect, said the main reason for this truth is not afraid of resources speed, but it had a bad record, most of the webmaster is afraid of his road again, again across the river from the bridge. read more

Baidu fell in love with you so deeply

my first light card, I’m not Baidu’s support, but did not take the money, I was just a site of the small circle on the Baidu before his Lord, there are some bias, but through the collection of Baidu on my website, Baidu has enabled me to have a new understanding.

men’s ring ( is the most lonely when you feel hopeless to establish, at that time suffered after the breakup of the suffering, feel to do a good man to bear responsibility and pain, so I want to build a website, get more men to be here to express their the passions. Let everyone live more easily. read more

As a novice Adsense in the end should be how to enter the network industry

may I write very plain, without any passion, but I write is true, is his own experiences, I think for those who want to enter the Internet industry newcomers, is a very good guidance and norms, sincerely hope for your reference.

as a webmaster, do not only want to learn dreamwear website, but also need to learn a lot of things, here, I’ll do a little bit of explanation, after all, I was just coming to the people.

first, image processing software must learn, I suggest seriously learn Photoshop, because it is indeed a great role, want to deal with a picture to find someone else, of course that friends do, I don’t think many people are willing to bother. read more

Sun do station experience novice must see

has been in touch with computers and networks for a long time. But before I just play the game to watch the news, read the news also can be regarded as a business, but to play the game what is not good, now the most in my life is not the time to play the game I was crazy game, regret being young and inexperienced…

I repent

until last summer, I do not use the Internet, so I only use factor of the network is not good, but by playing games for a living, but we have not reached that level… So I opened a small shop in Taobao, when Taobao can hardly brush reputation, such stores want to do is really too difficult, or not what improvement, keep going by painstaking effort, in which not out to show oneself… read more

Shaoxing Sunshine Network Some Reflections on local communities

started business in 04 years and made local websites and has been doing it today. In the last three years, I have done other things. I have been concentrating on the local community for the last 6 years. I have done a simple summary before, and I can click here to see it. Along the way, toss something enough, too many to count the mistakes always want to system, do a summary, but always thought too scattered, want to write too much to write. Recently, the website is ready for revision, because the changes are relatively large, so I can’t think of any more delays, how many or more can I write and discuss with my colleagues. read more

The ads for alimama were blocked by Baidu a five year site

            I have a set of five years website business platform, although there has been no intention to do the operation, but the amount of data is still there, the chain is also very much. Half a month before seven pm or so, suddenly blocked by Baidu. Have a nice day to hacker attacks, he said he called Baidu inside technology letter, if you want to release also money today have time to stop and think, Baidu should not be black to such an extent that inside the chaos to the technician can at any time and place the sealing station station, then in accordance with the station my current situation, it will not suddenly blocked ah, after all, many outside the chain, the contents of health, how is a business platform, and the time has been five years, and never intended to go to SEO, then what is the reason to be sealed, and Baidu recently read online Mutual ban Ali, my estimate is probably put adverstising, and takes up a lot of space, so blocked Baidu, Baidu after all day over more than 30000 IP, today I put all the advertising Ali are put down, there is no way to leave Baidu website is very sad, my website now one day less than one thousand IP, while enjoying the Ali group’s work style, but the flow of the first, for a station, it means that there is a flow of income ah, do not know Baidu will re release out, generally how long it will take, worth paying attention to read more

Look at the development of grass roots webmaster from another angle

recently, hot, dry, the mother’s body was sick for a day to the hospital, I back home, relatives and friends who have come to visit, all kinds of drinks, tonic bags filled with bedside. Aunt is not sure where to get 7 chickens to come, after a day of lively greeting, life returned to the original calm.

then remembered that a few chickens, chicken coops opened a look, two dead and two down, the other three only a small mouth, forcibly gasped, too bad. The father said to be caused by hot days, I immediately rushed to put out the chicken coop, and put some water and food. The two dead chickens away, two dying not dead, not to waste food. A big pot of chicken soup pot, the whole family to share, the remaining three only (a two parent) is resigned. read more