Be a novice webmaster a few days of small experience

see everyone is talking about how Wangzhuan, self envy ah. I have been in touch with the Internet for over 2 years, and I’m ashamed I don’t have my own station. In A5 to learn a lot of things, to their site how to add a lot of confidence.

these days, finally made up his mind to be a small station, hiding the webmaster. Spent half a month, he wrote a small station, do local leasing information. Leasing industry. Rental sites are mostly rental and rental, and the rest of the basic little. In fact, how profit has not been considered good, first put a gg-ad. GG’s money is really hard to earn. Just put it up a few days, a few clicks earn a few cents, and then a little money has become $00.00, do not understand why?. read more

Discussion on the importance of internal optimization of e commerce websites from user experience

some time ago a friend recommended an e-commerce site, mainly to sell some of the best-selling book, snacks, and other daily necessities, the site promises in the distribution range of one hour of arrival today, experience again, but found that the electronic commerce website has been lacking in the user experience, here by comparing with the Jingdong of the mall, for everyone look, please pay attention to the webmaster, and avoid in their own website.

1, the home page of website, the website overall color is light green, may be related to thrift, low carbon, green service concept, originally green will make the eyes comfortable, but that a row of red on the left and to the overall classification by points, make the page look messy, although each electricity supplier website will show a lot of goods, but the color is not uniform, will make the page more dazzling: read more

An owner who has never been in touch with the record talk about the experience of domain name filin

I was also on the network for more than two years of the webmaster, said long not long, say short is not short. Keep a lot, but began in March last year, a large number of stations were closed. The reason is that either there is no domain name for the record, or that they have encountered a false record [formerly looking for those lower prices for the record agent). No way, no one to help me, I can help myself. I have never contacted a record from the webmaster, mixed to now everyone looking for me to record the domain name for the record station. read more

GODADDY domain free mailbox tutorial

GODADDY not only in the domain name registration free 5G space, but also the free mailbox, good Oh! Can only build 1 free email account, but it should be enough for me, can I put forwarded mail, mail forwarded to my GMAIL

login GODADDY account user management interface,

click on EMAIL -> in navigation; My Emaill Account

click the Use Credit

in the diagram

selects the domain name EMAIL to use

and then set the account number and so on

can increase the EMAIL account read more

Discussion on the relationship between e commerce and network marketing

network marketing and e-commerce focus of attention is different. The emphasis of network marketing is the promotion and promotion in the pre transaction stage. One of the signs of e-commerce is to realize the electronic transaction. The definition of Internet marketing has shown that network marketing is an integral part of the whole marketing strategy of enterprises, whether visible business or traditional Internet business based on the enterprise, regardless of whether the electronic trading has occurred, but the need of network marketing, network marketing is not a complete business transaction process, but in order to facilitate transaction support, so it is an important link in e-commerce, especially in before the transaction, network marketing plays a major role in the transmission of information. In this sense, e-commerce can be seen as an advanced stage of network marketing, and an enterprise can carry out different levels of network marketing activities before it can fully develop e-commerce. read more

Jay Chou’s new album magic Jiezuo brought 100 thousand P

a lot of people know that, in 2008 October, Jay Chou promised to release his ninth album, called "magic Jiezuo". As a singer and star, he releases his new album every year, almost giving the whole Chinese Internet a sensation. It may be a little too much:) please forgive me. I’m a Jay fan, but not a fanatical one. Here, we don’t discuss his album as good or bad. We analyze the "magic Jiezuo" how to bring traffic to the site.

Many large

gateway station has a feature on Jay Chou, Sina, Tencent, Baidu and other stations are long-term occupy the top search. Nearly a month before the new album "magic Jiezuo" issue, they have a variety of reports. Even the webmaster specifically directed at the "magic Jiezuo" station, in an attempt to catch short-term large flow. Change the title and site in advance, in response to the "magic Jiezuo", in the business forum in which. read more

A 20 year old boy site site experience

first, do not know how to write as well, if not also hope you advice. I, a student from Zhejiang, Zhejiang people may have a daring Ganpin spirit of it, when one of the first contact, the first online banking even do not know how to use, I was 18 years of age are not even, so just contact to buy what 1 years QQ members. QQ yellow diamond, later also found those who are deceptive, people gradually grew up, when about half of high school to PSP obsessed with watching someone play I want to buy one, unfortunately, go to the bank to give Taobao the seller money, but bad luck is a fraud, cheated 700, finally in the confusion, I gradually find opportunities to open a small shop on the Internet, at that time the class with a mobile phone waiting for buyers to contact me, but also stir up a little, a little money, so the high school career came to an end. read more

Explore the film station home page after K how to re included

a few months ago I made a movie station, when the station in order to save on the direct acquisition of own movie data program, website updated Baidu and GOOGLE were full of care, the snapshot is generally within 24 hours. Be about good times don’t last long 1 months after I found my site’s home page by Baidu to K, included from the original more than 6000 dropped to about 400, we all know that if you start Baidu K station so you stand to the end of life.

I saw this situation at that time, the heart was broken, and later in the forum, often saw some of the film station owners complained that Baidu K their station. And then I will find some on the home page is K how to let Baidu re included in the article, and then according to the article do some optimization, but do not have what effect, the home is not included, included have been in decline. read more

Dedicated to the young webmaster who have not yet succeeded

has long been diving into "laggards", "webmaster" and "Webmaster Station" for a long time, and has never sent more than half of his posts. In the meantime, read a lot of webmaster articles, share their building story and operation skills, feel a lot. Today, I also talk about the course of their own site, but also for the vast number of young people who have yet to struggle to win the gas (including myself).

briefly introduce myself, I am 85 years old, typical 80 people, a native of Sichuan, the name "heartbroken" (from Su Shi’s "Jiangcheng", not what special meaning, just feel cool), official contact network is not long, nor too short, there are more than three years the time it (except the game time to play high school and university during the year). I was on the "personal webmaster" road, or influenced by a friend. When we were young, we lived in a courtyard. He was higher than I was in junior high school. He was lower than I was in senior three. (he graduated in high school for two years and was sweating!). After graduating from high school has not been contacted, mainly at that time, we do not have QQ, mobile phones and other modern means of communication. When I was a sophomore, suddenly a telephone call to the bedroom, find me, pick me, he is the result, the phone did not say a few words, he just called me second days he QQ. At that time the phone after I wondered for a long time, he would have QQ, let me have a little unbelievable (because in my mind, he has been a kind of relatively backward people, such as QQ so advanced things, I use only, he got a failure). The Internet and he QQ second days of Internet cafes, he sent a URL over (remember to specific domain name, like a free two level domain name), he said that he did this forum, let me be startled at, would make the site, but the IT oh. At that time I think that forum is good, so the initiative request to apply for the general moderator (think you can manage many moderators, a little drag). At that time every day are very enthusiastic, every post, pull people everywhere to register. Although not many members of the forum, but always feel a sense of accomplishment. read more

Links that deceive you unexpectedly

first tell us about Links deception Objective: if a lot of link to this station, but no other link station this station in the search engine, to many station gave him a one-way link, so the station of PR and weight of some help. In particular, PR, one-way links help a lot of PR promotion. So many webmaster will be ignorant conscience to do some friendship links deceive things. This link cheating in the SEO industry referred to as cloaking, we can go to Baidu encyclopedia view related presentations. Encyclopedia address: read more