Grassroots webmaster if you do a classified information station

with the growing demand for advertising, classified information stations are becoming more and more fire, and do more and more people. At present, the domestic classified information stations have go to market nets, people nets, etc., but for our grassroots webmaster, it is impossible to make so big at once, if you start from a small station,


I think we can proceed from the following points: take the Guangzhou territory as an example to illustrate:

1, information localization as a breakthrough, a little developed cities, many people need to find a house, rent a house, find a job, classified information stations can take this as a breakthrough, focusing on the release of rental information. read more

Did you use the long tail theory

marketing people know the famous long tail theory, in brief, the long tail theory refers to when goods, circulation. Show space and channel wide enough, the production costs of goods fell sharply, so that each can be produced, and the cost of sales of goods declined sharply, almost any previously seemingly low demand products, as long as there are people who sell someone will buy, the total sales of these products is not high demand and sales add up to the hot product sales volume and be roughly the same. In fact, website is the same, we can not do a strong competitive ability, we are going to do seemingly unpopular, but there is a demand of the site, do not look at small demand, we can open the big market as well. Because the most popular are very competitive, very strong people are doing, it is difficult for us to stand firm in this line. So sometimes we must grasp the long tail theory. read more

Analysis of how to use micro blog to brand building online shop


fast communication function for many professional marketing personnel, some time ago, Zhao Zhenzhi be struck dumb, dispute, micro-blog played a role, and even a lot of famous movie stars have to shut down micro-blog, this is due to the rapid spread of micro-blog’s share of a lot of people did not expect, eventually because of their own in the comments on the error, cause to take the initiative to close the micro-blog Public clamor can melt metals., facing the embarrassment of

! read more

Domain name typical textbook a name difference of twists and turns

The role of

in the domain of the website, is often a "multiplier" effect, so that the good domain is the dream of many people, the local terminal in the choice of domain name often will choose a representative website and can be conducive to the promotion of.Com,.Cn domain name, of course, because of the existence of other factors, not all applications the terminal can be registered to the relevant domain name, the domain name can be traded, more and more terminal realized this good domain name registration, domain name investors, can bring some opportunities. read more

Local websites should follow the road of their own characteristic development

has recently sold bulk links on its Web site, and some local websites are under the banner of local news networks in order to boost their business. These websites, from the site optimization degree and soft Wen yield point of view, the overall fairly good, but in the website ranking is very deficient, the website weight can be ignored. See these stationmaster for small profit, sell the website that just built up oneself, psychology is regrettable really. Now, write about your friends, establish regional news network experience, hoping to give short-sighted novice Adsense a revelation, cherish their work achievements. read more

LOGO site planning of the silver key website promotion of gold signs

After a long period of mental arrangement and planning,

finally decided to start the construction of the network. The first step to starting the site is definitely positioning me on the design of the site LOGO, which has just been finalized. This step to come, too deep, and share with you.

first, the core of all my experience is "LOGO: the silver key of website planning, the golden signboard of website promotion"". The experience comes from what I understand about the importance of LOGO to a website. read more

7 year takeaway dining table network profit space is only 5%

makes a profit of 30% on the table and 25% of the operating and marketing costs, leaving about 5% of the profit margin. It is estimated that 800 square meters of central kitchen will run between 2 million 600 thousand and -400 million a month.

quality takeaway, the most important thing is to grasp 2 points: merchant choice, delivery time, but the cost is very high, the table network model has about 5% of the profit margins.

Jiang Xin, the founder of the

table network, said, "I’m the first person to take Chinese food away.". read more

Blog 8th Anniversary want the world to be a little different for me

who would have thought the blog had been running for eight years?.

for eight years, only made a website: Lou loose blog.

and I moved from a young man to a middle-aged man.

I had lost, in the blog second years "I am who blog" this article is the most confused, then every Wednesday of original articles, unshakable wrote a year, really a little at the end of the feeling of sharing are written.

, and confused, at any time, in July 2010, such as this "blog period", trouble every day racking their brains, can not write anything. read more

After 90 college students to pay back to the village

now college students entrepreneurship has become very common, and in each year in the whole society will appear a lot of college students entrepreneurs, then say the entrepreneur, he is a successful student entrepreneurs.

in Yongsheng Dazhu County of Sichuan province township Maliu village, a college student named Wang Mingdong. The chicken in this business, he had now worked hard hard, full of sound and colour. In August 4th, the author braved the heat into the village of Liu Liu group of Wang Mingdong’s home. "Look for the thing, I will do it seriously!" In the chat, temperament, he told the author, I have deep feelings for his hometown, want to give full play to their expertise to learn, to lead the villagers to get rich together." read more

A webmaster question SNS website how to pull

"the biggest difficulty is how to pull." Yimeng home station

at the beginning of August, in Comsenz (Comsenz) and iResearch consulting (iResearch) jointly launched the 2008 "fourth investigation" development of China Internet community activities, many owners on how to treat the SNS new opportunities "discussions, the owners questioned and difficulties: how can the SNS website for more


looks at SNS’s communication model, including, but not limited to:

1, real life communication. SNS (social relations network) reflects the user’s real social relations, information authenticity, high degree of user confidence, common among friends, colleagues, language communication, such as: 5G. read more