mprove the website P method section

to improve the website IP method chapter, I have an absolutely novel traffic method, no cost, not hang QQ, not for bidding,

doesn’t go to any forums, chat rooms, Baidu knows, lead people in,

is not doing N stations, blogs and the like, and then do the connection, that will only be exhausted

my simple operation is not tired, the effect is very good, one and a half hours, this half hour is not hard work, high quality IP more than 5000 Paul you every day,

does this for 10 days to bring 1000IP traffic per day from search engines, read more

How to build your own website team

has never thought of having a team of his own, whether working or doing a website, I have no experience in building a team. Since the construction of the "Jieyang home life" to the network, keenly aware of the process from scratch, which to me, is indeed an important experience! So my team is how to set up it? Please allow my article with a little AD, because only in this way can I have the power to write down


I am also a veteran of the experience of building a site, the earliest to do station history can be traced back to 06 years. Over the past few years, because of part-time work, has not been how to go deep into the study of how to do a good job in the site, so do stand level is very general. In early 09, I no longer endure the pain of working, bite my teeth, resign home, ready to do a year of serious web site. read more

How do make a profit through the website

I am a small webmaster, why say small, because my website is a small small website, day IP is not much, PR is not high…… Is not nonsense, straight to the point. First of all, I made a "professional web site Daquan", also known as "net gold family", Baidu once saw. This website has not been very successful, but it has accumulated some experience for me. Then I think, now navigation website too many people, how can’t do too much hao123?. Of course, I just want to Dangdang webmaster, have fun, and not really want to rely on this big fortune. read more

Experience sharing after 80 cock wire webmaster how to earn 8000

Two days before the

in stationmaster net stroll, the chance to see a webmaster openly brag, said that day to earn 6000, first must feel like everyone else, and is the title of the party out reminders cattle does not pay taxes, then also really want to come in and see the reminders cattle market, although the owners but also the grass root. Many day earn over a million years, to be honest, day to earn 6000 is not impossible to achieve, but to create the myth of the webmaster is less, what makes you read more

10 conjectures on the future development trend of small and medium sized talent networks

each have one or more mature talent website, the talent network form and the profit pattern is similar, intense competition, homogenization of serious, every day in the fight fight fight ranking, telephone marketing, registration, fight traffic. Tired? Sure tired. Let go of our work, we will explore, what are the future development trend of talent profit model, how to break the bottleneck of revenue, how to make differentiated competition?


guess one, local headhunter

this business has done in the big city in full swing, and considerable revenue, I am a friend in Shanghai, single handedly opened the headhunter, 2 years to buy a Mercedes benz. With the competition of talent in mainland enterprises becoming more and more fierce, headhunting mode will become a powerful profitable weapon in the latter stage of talent network. read more

Google Adwords bid optimization experience sharing

Adwords optimization, if you write advertising excluded, I think the most important, the simplest, but also the most effective way is to bid.

if you want to get good quality points, good advertising results, the most important experience I get is the high price at the beginning.

if a keyword you have is 2 dollars, then your ad is just on the line, and it’s 3-5 or higher.

Why did

do that?


, Google advertising is a historical record of account of this factor, the new account when no record, quality scores are generally fixed, but your competitors may have put in for a long time, high enough quality have been accumulated. read more

Learning is important in the process of building a new station

I started doing websites from 2006, when I wanted to make money. I only made a static page. I used free space. I started using various tools to brush the flow, brush the window, and played for a while.

finally earned a little money, decided to really get a station to play, anyway, the money is to brush the pop-up, and made a QQ class website. But few people know, and not good at publicity, so the site has been no traffic, and finally gave up. Later, I thought why I was so hard to get, but it is less than a few days IP results: read more

Hospital network consulting how to analyze and judge customers

recently encountered some problems, the Advisory departments and marketing departments uncoordinated, the two sides accused each other:

we brought traffic, why has the consultation volume been down


what kind of traffic do you bring? You don’t even have to call.

, that’s your consultant’s problem. Why can’t you keep users?

fundamentally, your traffic is not the target user,



because of my contact with the consultants more, but also for the consulting department understand that some consultant told me that: the user’s intention is not clear, East pull West asked that question, we asked the confused, can not find the key point, confused, we do not know whether to explain the user clearly, users may be more confused, until the last possible one has the intention of the user will be lost. read more

A junior high school student’s miracle of online business from zero to millions

, who was 23 years old, bought a house of his own in the gold and gold section of Shenzhen!


is 23 years old, some young people and college life some people enjoy the ideal setting for a couple in love, still looking for direction, but some people have become a leader in the field of "Huang Xinwei, founder of youth entrepreneurship network" is the latter.

is 25 years old, he finished from zero to millions across, eat China business opportunities portals in Shenzhen over this land crabs, create a China largest business information portal website: "opportunities for youth entrepreneurship network". Why he can in just a few years without a high school, never went to university, even the English are very bad, make ordinary people seem to need a high degree to complete what the successful operation of the business opportunities China portal: "youth business network read more

Advertisers drop back meaning video site test

Zhang Zhaoyang and Lv Wensheng Sohu excited net in Shanghai only once, hit it off to plan the national 110 party copyright "anti piracy alliance", and launched a 100 million yuan price action on the video site Youku drama. The first reaction to the drama is likely to be the advertiser and the Internet video site saying goodbye.

Advertising Association issued a warning, carefully posted video site

controversy over copyright in online video is not new and has been heard in recent years. But this time it has become the focus of the industry, and it has nothing to do with advertisers being implicated. read more