How to get rid of the inside pages of products not included embarrassed

user experience and optimization of both Shanghai dragon

home call

pages are not included, due to the large station people collect product information, product page similarity is too high, even some enterprise product inside only a picture, without any product description, this page for users but is a waste of time, the website of the product page bounce rate very high. The product pages need a full range of product parameters are described, the spider on the text than the dynamic picture to be sensitive to many parameters, at the same time, the description can let users know more about the product, marketing website ultimate aim is to achieve sales, users can only fully understand the products on the page, will give the enterprise sales order. read more

The basic idea of the nternet platform to optimize the layout of the Shanghai Dragon

search engine to identify the picture capture content, if you want to use a picture form of words to remember each picture to add ALT tags, add the alt attribute to what is described in the picture, to the search engine better recognition and grasp.

5 platform, site home page should minimize the big picture, JS, flash, try not to use the iframe framework, so as to avoid the spider trap, not the number of important content or links in the inside, including JS>

manifestation: the home channel page page 贵族宝贝xxxx贵族宝贝/tejiashangping/2106729.html read more

Site optimization new direction you grasp it

the above points is Shanghai dragon Jones several trends for site optimization introduce, if your site is consistent with the above characteristics, so I >

three, more in-depth consideration of user needs

Our website is

many students believe that Shanghai dragon industry has to end, in fact, on the contrary. Because the search engine algorithm constantly close to the user, in line with the user needs and the development of the times will be easier to get high quality website ranking, and maintain long-term stability. In order to meet the needs of the times, as the Shanghai dragon, it is necessary to keep up with the latest trend. Today, Shanghai dragon Jones to share a few points. read more

Talk about the mistakes and experience of grassroots webmaster

4, the website does not generate static HTML, to stand for, can generate HTML program is our first choice, and not just because of the occupation of a little room with little maintenance time and choose not to generate the HTM program.

2, regular replacement of website templates or program. Many new Adsense in just contact the site too, the blind pursuit of website appearance, constantly change new templates or program to attract users effect. But don’t know spiders are included and access rules on the website, this is a sudden change in the path, change the program, can make the spider can not find the direction and give up patronage, leading to the final included reducing serious direct right down to the sealing station. read more

The accumulation and integration of the chain resources is a indispensable part of Shanghai Dragon

four, maintenance of the chain resources

, a collection of the chain resources

today is a chain of resources shortage era, many websites prohibit the publication of the chain, the chain when we collect out of it should be released, no matter is the submission platform, forums and blogs are so, at the beginning can be published, how included the case of test site, management process what is the first post in fact can let oneself have a general understanding of a website.

When we

chain resources we need to constantly maintain, such as the establishment of their own blog, long time not to update the article, its weight will decrease; and some of the chain resources may be a short period of time of failure, such as some forum to cancel individual signature, these are the need to constantly make adjustments. read more

Shanghai dragon Er grassroots feelings

I have saved a few good books are about Shanghai dragon, the number is not large, with their barely a pseudo Shanghai Longfeng bar, ha ha maybe even the pseudo Shanghai dragon Er are not. Occasionally will make the door a few prompted by a sudden impulse, others say something rotten in embellish, started writing. Ha ha · · · once in front of the computer for a whole day, how many had a night exposed to wind and rain in the bedroom, roommates already sleep I still get that broken my station. Sometimes in the middle of the night when self praise. See how much I have learned from the young Shanghai dragon, began a series of emotion, the Shanghai dragon Er can be compared with me, but I am completely self-taught. The 90 generation rookie, so boasting, self appreciation, but that is when I use Adsense tools to check their rankings when they were trapped in endless inferiority. How long will this continue, we this group of Shanghai dragon Er are always in pseudo floating, but few waft to become a master. This inadvertently became another kind of pain. You do no good, not cattle recognized, big embarrassed. Famous depression plagued > read more

To explore what is suitable for enterprises to do the long tail word

enterprise station mostly natural products is relatively small, the page on the website is very small, only some dozens of product pages, the rest are business news, technical information and other related articles, but it is not suitable for the column page to do the long tail word. Because the page layout in the long term, flow out rate is relatively high, the main product page is too small, maybe you can layout dozens of long tail words, and the dozens of the long tail word even if all do the first page of Shanghai, can estimate how much traffic can bring to a website. I don’t think there is much traffic, unless the long tail word search quantity is big, so you have to do, otherwise it is a waste of time, the current enterprise station case, with a small business class site is a large gap, the majority of enterprises are unable to realize the online station to buy the product, so the real meaning of enterprise the station should be to promote the corporate image, at least for now this is the station of the vast majority of enterprises. read more

The search engine’s latest forecast 2013

in February 19th this year Shanghai love green radish algorithm on-line believe that as long as the Shanghai dragon should all know, for those who are still dreaming on the chain ranked Shanghai dragon will be hit hard. Is one of the most representative, who sold the chain site most loved elevation of hair. The most representative is on sale Ali outside the chain of love has been slightly, Shanghai K away, included the following chart:


from Apple China into the market, the rapid development of intelligent mobile phone China in just a few years before, resulting in many rely on cheap copycat machine manufacturers in Shenzhen to occupy the market collapse batch. The emergence of intelligent mobile phone has changed the communication function of a single mobile phone, intelligent mobile phone today, the biggest benefit is the ability to like a computer, you can install software on their own, and wireless access via mobile communication, and the expansion of the great function. But this is not the key, is the focus of the mobile phone is more and more close to the computer functions, many users search behavior is carried out directly on the mobile phone. But the mobile search and PC search computer is different, because the mobile phone screen is very small, can not be compared with the computer screen, and the speed of computer is relatively slower, the user experience is not high, so we need to simplify the search based on mobile phone. The other is the mobile phone carrier brings about the obstacle is the traditional computer keyboard and mouse, to use voice search, camera image search, avoiding cumbersome keyboard input. Now many large websites have been paying attention to this point, such as Jingdong, Gome, Suning has all the mobile phone terminal mode. Although the current market most people do not pay attention to, but who should pay more attention to this market, who has possession of the initiative. I have always believed that the mobile phone mobile search will be the future of a new search engine market. read more

The search engine is how to determine the value of the article

Then, the sentence structure and where to start? Chinese sentences than SVO given shape up several structure, and part of speech only nouns and verbs, prepositions, adjectives, adverbs, pronouns, numerals, onomatopoeia. I believe many people just do Shanghai dragon, must have heard of the search engine noise removal time, will remove the pronoun and, in fact this is on the surface, but it is not entirely accurate. From the basic principle, according to the sentence structure and part of speech processing and give different attitudes. We can be sure that the subject must be the most important part, often a word subject has changed, the things and to express the meaning of it is different. For what if there is a change, is likely to lead to this article involved in the industry change. Therefore, it is certainly the key words I need. Why didn’t I say here in the subject pronouns removed? Because often remove subject makes the sentence distortion, so I want to keep the subject of all the attributes, even seemingly meaningless pronouns. read more

What is the breadcrumb navigation

2. to clarify the relationship between the content of the web site, users understand the site panorama. The most common in the global navigation and site navigation information, they show the whole website directory information, users can quickly understand the website structure, has the overall grasp of the website.

type, content, style and other aspects with examples to illustrate the PC end to change the website navigation design of mobile terminals:

navigation changes

with the development of mobile Internet, more and more sites to form mobile transplant site to mobile phone. On the site in the transplant process, re design of navigation what changes and the main points of design, this paper tries to make some research. read more