Analysis of a chain included only a few have row in the front page of the website

5, there is a label in Shanghai is also very important in the optimization of love. A content can be repeatedly mentioned the words of the site, especially the ZhengZhan optimization. I think one of the best anchor text don’t add, as long as the H label on the line, it will indirectly inform Shanghai website main keywords of love.

6, I do very basic > the chain number now

but after doing this, many webmaster for a long time did not feel station change, love Shanghai keywords found very few home station, whether it is included or reverse links are few, but the site and at the home, I looked at the domain name age was also depressed for a long time to analyze the following reasons: read more

Gon Freecss optimizing the internal review website two

in the website we should be concise and fluent, concise fluent is not piled up, let us see the title of your users will know the meaning of your words, do not accumulate in the title is not the emergence of a large number of the same keywords that the search engines will think you are cheating. We suggested that the title of the site do not use here too long text, the text is too long will lead to a search engine can’t tell you the keyword is the main keywords, but also to the user’s reading inconvenience, the number of characters is the best control in less than 30 characters, said here if Shanghai is love, to create a good title by Chinese wordsegmentation principle love Shanghai, this will give you unexpected results ranking. In the content is the title of the article title and call the website brand name is good, do not need to call in all the page title. read more

Do six to help you quickly improve website ranking correlation

sites is a very important parameter of authority, professionalism, the weights of evaluation sites, which we all know, if we take the relevant work sites do have relevance, then our website ranking must be very good. Of course, to achieve this effect by a small amount of correlation is not possible, this needs the webmaster with persistence and accumulation of resources to be improved from the theme of the site, content and anchor text, labels etc.. Adhere to the long time do these aspects contribute to the site keyword ranking is a very normal thing, here are five details of what we can do on the site of correlation. read more

For the novice Shanghai dragon Dao Wu

search marketing, this model evolved into AISAS, where consumers demand, will first search in the search engine (Search), form (Action), experience after the purchase, the product will share (Share), to let more people know and search, so the formation of circulation, also the word of mouth, is not afraid of deep alley.

1. Shanghai dragon appeared

optimization, comes into being in this environment, standing in the marketing perspective, is to create a set of ecological self marketing for website solutions. Marketing, business + sales, namely in the operation stage, through the optimization of the site to make it more in line with the search engine ranking rules. " read more

Adhere to is victory out of the chain to be calm

love Shanghai now the weight to the third party blog down, many owners have abandoned the blog. The blog article is original, with the chain included is not too good. What can you do? Here I share a little trick. Love is the use of space to do outside the chain of Shanghai. You can first love in their own space in Shanghai published an article, then use another love Shanghai account, share this article. I tried, the general share it will be included. You can easily make a stable chain.

The first is that the extensive read more

Wait is a compulsory course in Shanghai dragon er

, the first web content we can from the IIS log can be seen is included, but when it comes to our normal query, and no display included, here you need a waiting time, this is "the pretreatment time, search engine included in the page, there will be a heavy, noise reduction the pretreatment process, extraction of text and so on, and the process of waiting time depends on your site search problem of trust, also is the site update frequency, the spatial stability conditions to determine the search engine trust. read more

The latest of several long term mining method


3 love Shanghai auction (promotion) love Shanghai must first have a promotion account, can not go to registration, but also verify the site permissions. There is a promotion – search keyword tool, you can enter a keyword, will come out a lot of long tail word.


can exploit the long tail word through third party tools, the owners are familiar Chinaz webmaster tools, love stand tools. Chinaz complete function, is popular. Love station users, can query the 500 long tail word.

2 third party tools (love station) read more

Wade stations have big muddy water wisdom is the key to hide cheating

The first

> Fourth

is now engaged in the stations is more and more difficult, but compared to those who rely on a web site in success, stations still can give many webmaster have some imagination, after all, the use of wheel stations as well as mutual marketing can quickly form the scale effect, and the maintenance is not so complicated, so the station group although want to run good is difficult, but still could not stop some adventurers.

third is a one-way link, also known as the sprocket, sprocket two years ago is still relatively popular, but also in the optimization of website can be said to be Yiyidangshi, even blog sprocket can play wonders, but after love Shanghai algorithm renewal, love Shanghai for the chain of requirements become more and more strict, not only to focus on the quality of the chain, we should pay more attention to its relevance, but also pay attention to the course, no regularity, one-way sprocket appears obviously has the obvious regularity, and then add the chain of low quality, this is a very easy to be factors that determine the station group. read more

To talk about the website of Shanghai dragon from a programmer’s point of view

I am not here to say that title, description and the optimization of the keyword density, not to say do not say, but this is very important, if not previously understood, this article in A5 I believe that search is a lot, I mainly from the program about Shanghai dragon optimization.

is the second server problem, many webmaster do stand are personal station, buy a virtual space would be finished, but buy space must be careful, do not buy that often server down space, think so, if a visitor comes to your home, your home with the door closed, so he certainly upset ah, we the website guest here is the love of spiders in Shanghai, we must treat it, he can give you good rankings and included, of course he is served with original articles, here is not the details of original articles have pseudo original, A5 gives you spend a lot of resources to search it. read more

Under the Tianjin Shanghai dragon nagging do third story

During that time

when I do this website, I have not graduated in April to engage in this Tianjin Shanghai dragon website, now I have graduated, this site has 3 months to do love Shanghai third, at least that my level of Shanghai Longfeng or some time later, hope that through the efforts of in Shanghai, dragon level above can have a new breakthrough.

website, I mainly do the Shanghai dragon 301 redirection, robots writing, site map, preferred domain settings, and set a variety of labels, the construction of the chain, as well as other basic operations, such as keyword deployment, the use of NF, H label, tag label optimization. Second months is mainly website update, mainly is the original, the construction of the chain, also do blog sprocket, but did not insist on down, give up; also modified title, description, second days on the website snapshot file. Since June to find a job, there is no update website updated every day, want to be updated, remember not updated. After a few days of work, I chose to resign, resignation will not say. A few days after the resignation of the management of Tianjin Shanghai dragon began this website; but cannot work is the site updated chain; read more