Baidu included also useless

first began to do stand, think that as long as the Baidu included, will flow to Everfount, is actually wrong, although in the previous article said that my station soon was collected, but did not seem to be what improvement, from Baidu to put out now, is today and recorded 5 this article, also should not put out previously included, but the flow is basically no change in the flow of for basic zero.

after thinking, are not such a thing, summed up, because it is my chosen keywords too casual too big, although early look at the word man on Baidu in the front row are some two or three pages, feel the competitiveness should not, according to some online to see the tutorial, I made about title, keyword frequency is just good, but why Baidu is now included in the Baidu hand even seventy-fifth pages are not ranked on? I read some pages no such keywords man ah, hope that the master can tell me. read more

Jiangxi Health Network ten years of dreams come true

  I am Hyun Fai, about his net ten years of dribs and drabs, and on the Internet business feelings.

ten years seems like a dream, life only. Ten years ago, I harbored a strong interest in the Internet into this bottomless pit, resolute heart, so I never regretted. An inexperienced webmaster in the growing practice, fail to climb up, I once again remind ourselves, insist on is victory.

from the homepage to the flashy without substance, a variety of content of the forum, to Everything is contained therein. local portal evolution, one after another, I have experienced different pain and suffering. A huge site, just a person to success, it is difficult to go to the blue sky. read more

Explore the reasons for the increasing popularity of plagiarism collection stations

Baidu to start copying collection station of a series of severe blow from June, but recently I found a copy of the site has not been collected in the fight against K, ranking also more and more high, what is the reason for copying acquisition station also has ranked stable? Let us see a few screenshot, confirm the site for copying collection station.

article content is all plagiarism collection, in which the most A5 collection, and this is why I found the site, and then we’ll look at the flow of this site and included. read more

Compared with the mainstream products Chinese million net channel configuration and price

in the IDC service providers the most well-known, I always is the most promising China channel and million net, as the new network, new network, Internet era, resources and unlimited communications (by the new network branch, now defunct), I think they are, and if network is not a grade. Two new network products are too garbage, the era of Internet, resources often send spam advertising, garbage sales phone calls, its corporate image is too bad.

I personally believe that the current domestic IDC products, the best is China channel and million net, but the price compared to China million net channel is much higher. read more

Looking at the personal website orientation from the fortune boy

‘s personal website after the rain is like spring Sheng, every day I do not know how many new owners have every day; and don’t know how many webmaster leave this piece of Red Sea; network is the wealth of wealth is heaven, hell, heaven or hell, this choice has a great relationship and positioning at the beginning of the site webmaster.

was once a story, is a river of gold, many people went to mining, someone is not to dig, he only wants, he made the results more than anyone; I want to say is the personal website cannot have vast resources, how do you locate read more

Baidu has begun blocking blog posts with links

site SEO, in order to get a good ranking, the chain is very important factor. SeoER do the chain is one of the essential work. The construction of external links, links exchange, to join the open directory, BBS post, write blog articles, with links, addresses and so on. And in the weight website to apply for blog, write with links Bowen is very effective method.

I apply for several Sina blogs (the highest weight of Sina blog), send a few articles every day on the website, and then indicate at the bottom of the article, the article from what website, leave a link address. Soon, about two hours, Baidu will be able to include this blog post, and can reverse link to the site left behind. Almost every one will be able to include an article. This effect is really good, it is easy to Baidu spider lured to the site above. read more

Enterprise or personal website needs careful before revision

After the

site was finished, it wasn’t the case. Late more important: website promotion, website revision, marketing management and so on, among them, the website revision work is also a more important work, is also an inescapable work.

The specific reasons for the revision of

website are: the adjustment of website marketing strategy, the change of website operation direction and the change of customer service demand, etc. These are the impetus of website revision. After the website revision, may bring the anticipated effect and the profit to the website, especially the commercial website is especially important. read more

Dry goods actual combat tells you how to make money on the ground

every friend in the webmaster circle has almost heard about Lu Songsong blog. I entered late, in 2012 came to the field to study in college, began to fumble into the webmaster circle, and then get to know loose brother blog.

was the earliest to learn all kinds of site building and optimization techniques and operation skills on his brother blog. After the sense of research for two years, started his own personal studio, and then graduated that year bought a car, opened a small company, Xiaodaxiaonao continue to dawdle. read more

Analysis of the value and development of SNS website

SNS, the full name Social Networking Services, that is, social web services, refers to the Internet application services designed to help people build social networks. On the SNS service platform, people expand their connections on the basis of friends who know friends. These years, with MySpace, Facebook as the representative of the SNS website development is very rapid, a wide variety of applications that the SNS website is full of vigor, the number of SNS users are surprisingly rapid growth, the SNS has become a hot Internet application. read more

Grassroots station operators can not be ignored in the site interaction with visitors

for grassroots Adsense, the word "grassroots webmaster" contains not only the Internet entrepreneurial dream, but also full of entrepreneurial road hardships. Grassroots webmaster is often very hard, they may need to complete a team of their own work required. Need to optimize the code, content editing, the construction of the chain, and so on. According to the author observed that many grassroots Adsense will work center all the tedious work, but ignore the interaction with the visitors to the site, the site after the stage or no improvement, luluwuwei. In fact, the interaction with visitors in the operation of the site is a key link can not be ignored. Missing this ring will cause the site to stagnate. Below the author for grassroots AdSense and visitors interactive question, share some of their views. read more

A rookie webmaster twists and turns standing experience

has been doing websites for almost two years, with only a small success, and more of a poignant failure. I put my site to do detours and mistakes written out, hoping to some of the same as I do not have much experience and technical webmaster friends help.

is my first contact with the 06 network, then from a book to see the network can make money, so I have to start a blog. At that time all kinds of online free money making projects have basically done, what investigation, money, hang up money and so on, while some do earn money, but not enough money to pay the electricity. By 08 years, a classmate in high school did a novel website, the flow was very good, and made a lot of money. I have a heart, to the Internet to find a novel offer station free source code for the whole station, then spent three hundred yuan to buy a domain name space, with one yuan to buy space to send money to the CN domain name. In this way, a novel of its own is online. I don’t know anything about SEO, or even HTML code, and what I can do every day is to download a novel from someone else’s Web site and upload it to my web site. Half a month later, the site was included in Baidu, and every day there are 200IP. Included in the increasing number of traffic has also been rising, almost a month, the site traffic reached 1000IP, when the happy ah, think it is easy to do site, so easy to have 1000IP. read more

Comments from comments on Lu Songsong’s blog

Lu Songsong in the latest blog article "new website" comments on how to do SEO optimization, has brought me more than the flow of Baidu! My blog traffic has been, I find the reasons from two aspects.

search from this aspect, the main server is not stable and the horse. This is the main reason! Before the stable period, when the flow of Baidu most I remember Liubaiduoyi reached about four hundred in normal days!! now only about ten of the Baidu! Not to flow from last March to the host space does not renew, take my space to delete nearly a month. I was on a business trip, the blog set for automatic release, so I did not find it, after this event, Google quickly restored to me, Sogou also slowly restored. Sohu did not have much traffic, although included a lot, may be Sogou users less, must also return to the previous. Youdao and other search has not given me traffic. Is this search and Baidu, and so far has not been restored to me! read more

‘m so tired sometimes even want to work in the fields

flash, playing computer already three or four years. Play computer being drilled many dead end. Trying to find some can walk the path station, also do a lot of, can not continue. In addition to several garbage that several stations suspended in midair, do not know what is left. In the eyes of others, it seems that people who live on the Internet are too relaxed, every day to open the computer, access to the Internet is enough,.

although the income has been hungry, can not die, relative to the investment and that once in front of the world dream is a lot worse. Into the Internet, just tired of secular life and hypocrisy. Always believe that when you give, you will get it. But if God does not exist, or why not see pay and sad recently I silently, always felt in the overdraft life, take their own body to make bets. Results out of their mouth every day without smoke, because in front of the computer, really boring. Often at night can’t sleep sleep problems in psychology, fast speed, and quiet, no one disturb. During the day to sleep until the afternoon, but helpless have to go to work. And then have a meal at night and stay up all night like a madman,. read more

Analysis vip com’s success is by no means without brain

now product categories from apparel extended to cosmetics, directly to this war, the struggle between electricity suppliers will also be up to the white hot stage, and from a recent activity can be seen, features such as the way of selling still has a very strong appeal, from the number of people flow the special sale and businesses to participate in the activities of can be seen, this model can be said is customer satisfaction, businesses can profit, is a win-win. The business category extends to the cosmetics industry, can be said to be a huge and adjust their strategy, so as Houlaizhixiu, why dare to challenge their predecessors? What have such clout? In fact, since the birth date, has been controversial, many people think that it is the success of the market the opportunity, in my opinion, the success of instead is a kind of wisdom and perseverance to forge operation. read more