Atlético must score

first_img1-0. In Europe, since the visiting goal rule is used as the first tiebreaker criterion, defending a 1-0 away from home has a success of 61%. In the Champions era, starting with a 1-0 served to pass in 22 of 33 cases (67%).Balance. Atlético surpassed eight of the eleven continental qualifiers in which they won 1-0 the first leg at home. Eliminated Legia (1971, 2-1 on the lap), Hajduk Split (1976, 1-2), Uerdingen (1986, 2-3), Aston Villa (1998, 2-1), Amica Wronki (1999, 1- 4), Liverpool (2010, 2-1), Bayern (2016, 2-1) and Leicester (2017, 1-1).Defeats. The three European eliminations of Atleti after starting 1-0 were those that failed to score out: against Ajax in 1971 (3-0), Fiorentina in 1989 (1-0 and defeat on penalties) and OFI Crete ( 2-0).It was Cholo. Atlético de Simeone has started 26 qualifiers (five in the Champions League, seven in the Europa League and 14 in the Cup) with one-way victory and only once fell (against Juventus a year ago). In those 26 return matches, he added 14 wins, eight draws and only four losses (Bayern in 2016, Las Palmas in 2017, Sporting de Portugal in 2018 and Juve in 2019). Anfield. Liverpool will try to overcome a 1-0 at home for the 15th time in a two-game European qualifier. He did it nine times and failed in five. However, their success rate in Champions is very high: four classifications and only one elimination (against Benfica in 2006, after losing 0-2 at Anfield).Streak. Liverpool have 16 consecutive games without losing at Anfield in the Champions League (eleven wins and five draws), since Real Madrid won 0-3 in the group stage of 14-15. However, no result this season would serve to eliminate Atlético (4-3 to Salzburg, 2-1 to Genk and 1-1 against Naples).Fort. Liverpool have 42 consecutive official games without falling into Anfield. Since Chelsea won in September 2018 (1-2 in the League Cup), the locals have added 37 wins and have yielded five draws.Spain. Only three Spanish teams (out of ten possible) have eliminated Liverpool in Anfield (Athletic in 1968, Celta in 1998 and Atlético in 2010). In the European Cup, none have yet achieved it (Real Madrid failed in 2009 and Barcelona in 2007 and 2019).last_img

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