Jive Software Buys Filtrbox: A Purchase All About The Social Web

first_imgRelated Posts Jive Software has acquired Filtrbox, a Boulder-based startup that monitors the social Web to help clients understand and better participate in online conversations.Terms of the deal were not disclosed.Jive sought a social media monitoring company to bring into its Social Business Software (SBS) platform. The goal is to extend the social footprint of the Jive platform. Jive sees the market becoming far more oriented around conversations on social networks such as Twitter and Facebook. These conversations affect everything from product development to sales strategies. Monitoring is critical to following and capitalizing on the conversation flow. Jive looked at several companies in the space before deciding to approach Filtrbox. The choice came down to the Filtrbox user experience; its collaboration features; the scalable architecture and the social intelligence baked into the product.The Filtrbox architecture may be the greatest value to Jive. Filtrbox Founder Ari Newman said its architecture is a hybrid that leverages the cloud. He would not say much more about it though its business model reflects a cloud based approach. Massive Non-Desk Workforce is an Opportunity fo… alex williams Tags:#enterprise#news#NYT#Products 3 Areas of Your Business that Need Tech Now Services that leverage the cloud effectively let users scale up and down, depending on demand. Many charge on a per use basis. Newman said Filtrbox charges $10,000 per year for up to six users. Customers get unlimited use of the platform.How companies leverage the cloud will determine how they fare in the market. The ability to crunch large amounts of data is vital for understanding the real-time nature of how conversations flow. Jive seems to understand this and appears to be moving more toward a cloud-based strategy.Initially, Jive will market Filtrbox through its Jive Market Engagement solution along side Radian6. Jive and Radian6 formed a partnership back in September. Here’s what Jeremiah Owyang and his colleague, R “Ray” Wang had to say about the partnership.Radian6 and Filrtrbox are essentially in the same space. it is unclear how the relationship between Jive and Radian6 will be affected by the Filtrbox purchase.Filtrbox will be fully integrated into the Jive SBS platform in the second quarter of this year.Need to stay up to date on the ways the web is changing? Read The Real-Time Web and its Future to develop an in-depth understanding of the real-time Web and the thought leaders and companies shaping the market. Based on more than 50 interviews with industry leaders like Chris Messina and John Borthwick and insights into companies like Twitter, Warner Brothers and Nozzl Media, it’s a must read for information technology decision makers, innovators and thought leaders. IT + Project Management: A Love Affair Cognitive Automation is the Immediate Future of…last_img

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